About Us

We’re reliable.

Foodie Geek is a website dedicated to present with everything you need to know about Games, Food & pop Culture. In short, wiki for Pop Culture. Our team analyzes a long list of restaurants, shops, games; working tirelessly for many hours, to hand-pick the best recommendations out of them for you.

Our Philosophy

Eat, Sleep, Play and then Repeat

The above statement sums up our philosophy pretty well.

What we Cover

We cover everything, from advice to review, our idea is to become Wikipedia for Pop-culture.

Who runs the foodie geek?

A laid-back Filipino entrepreneur. In his free time, he transforms into a foodie, gamer, anime fanboy, and/or guitarist. But when on the grind, he runs Perfect Renders Media Solutions while also being a licensed financial consultant of Pru Life UK. And because he’s having so much fun doing these things, why not let you guys in on the fun too, yes?

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