AnyCast M2 Plus Unboxing and Review

AnyCast M2 Plus Unboxing and Review

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Price: P499
Bought at: Lazada PH

Hi everyone! Welcome once again to another unboxing and review here with the Foodie Geek. And for today’s article, we’re going to take a look at the AnyCast M2 Plus.

AnyCast is basically a dongle that will let you project or mirror your devices via Wi-Fi to any monitor with an HDMI input. It uses Miracast and AirMirror for Android and Windows, and then AirPlay for Apple devices.

Inside the box are the AnyCast dongle, user manual and Wi-Fi card with USB power cable.

Product Features

  • CPU: Corex-A9 1.2GHz
  • RAM: 256MB
  • Supports Miracast / DLNA for Android and Windows, Screen Mirroring / AirPlay for iOS
  • High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC H.265) Format

What’s the Use?

This device can provide accessibility and convenience to your daily techno-life. Instead of bringing those bulky laptops that need to be connected by wires so you can project them onto a bigger screen, with AnyCast, you’ll be able to do it with just your mobile phone- wirelessly! Whether it’s for a company presentation in a big venue or a staycation movie marathon with your significant other, it has its many uses. You can say that with this dongle, you can turn your regular monitor to a Smart TV with your device as its operating system.


I found it easy to use with my Huawei Nova 2i’s Mirrorshare feature. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide:

1.) Connect the AnyCast dongle to your monitor via HDMI
2.) Connect the Wi-Fi card to the AnyCast dongle

3.) Connect the Wi-Fi card to a power source (PC USB or use a cellphone charger)
A picture should appear on your TV after this, saying it is ‘waiting for connection’

4.) Follow instructions in User Manual to connect via Miracast or AirPlay
In my Huawei device, all I did was go to Settings > Smart Assistance > Mirrorshare > Connect to AnyCast

And voila! What you’re seeing on your device’s screen should now be projected on your TV.


Branded products like Chromecast that have projecting and mirroring features are much more expensive (P2,500 above) so being able to do that for a measly P500 is in itself pretty awesome. This specific product I got from Lazada is working as stated- legit 1080p video quality is crispy and clear while audio is up there in a good spot as well. That said, I’m happy that I can now properly hear my favorite songs in Fate/Grand Order while playing. Just make sure that your device also supports 1080p and high bitrate audio to get the same quality since those are what will be projected to your TV. As they say- garbage in, garbage out.

I was able to connect my Huawei Nova 2i / Mate 10 Lite first via Miracast, second I tested Screen Mirroring with an iPhone 6, and then finally tried DLNA casting with the BubbleUPnP app- all were working properly. There’s a half to a full second of delay going on between the device and the television when using Miracast (and it will probably get worse if you increase the distance between them), but the Screen Mirroring with the iOS was smooth as butter- lag was little to nothing at all.

Regarding the Miracast latency- it won’t affect you much if you’re using it for a presentation or just watching movies and viewing photos, but it will be a problem when playing intensive real-time games like first-person shooters. With that much delay, it’s pointless to try playing unless you’ll be looking at your device’s screen. The only use I can think of with such games is that you will only use the big screen for an audience that will watch you play.

That said, I’ll be mainly using this on my staycation trips to watch movies and anime, and also use it to play Fate/Grand Order to enjoy that awesome game to its fullest!

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