Everything Final Fantasy XV You May Have Missed in TGS 2017

TGS 2017- One of the highlighted shows of Square Enix focused on Final Fantasy XV, discussing the game’s milestones, current status, and future content to come. Here’s the official event trailer:

Notable topics discussed in the event:

  • Episode Ignis to be released on December 2017
  • Multiplayer expansion Comrades to be released on October 31, 2017
  • Monster of the Deep to be released on November 21, 2017
  • Windows edition of Final Fantasy XV to be released early 2018
  • Pocket edition of Final Fantasy XV to be released on Autumn 2017
  • Free story updates soon

Man, they’re bringing in the big guns for Final Fantasy XV (and betting huge amounts of gil on it). As for someone who thinks the base game’s story was half-baked and could have been way better, I guess this is a good thing. Sort of. Well, because most of the new stuff are gated by payment schemes.

The upcoming free story updates are nice, but most of the good stuff like the Episodes and Comrades, which also contains a chunk of lore to them, will cost you. Not that Square Enix is to blame- they’re a business, after all. And it’s not like they didn’t give us a ton of free content back then.

Episode Ignis, like the other episodes, as well as Comrades, will be available to both Season Pass holders and as a stand-alone product. Comrades will require Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus to play.

Here’s the official TGS 2017 trailer for Comrades:

Here’s a gameplay feature of Comrades from the event:

For the entire 51-minute event of FFXV at TGS 2017:

I’ve already put the game behind me after finishing the story, but this has got me interested a bit. We’ll see!

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