Final Fantasy Games in Order [Updated 2023]

Final Fantasy is a famous Japanese collection of science fiction media franchises. If you want to play the game you must start it in chronological order. The series altogether has 15 episodes ranging from 1 to 15. On top of these, it also adds the new version or you can say the Remake of the game. There are 21 games in Final fantasy.

What are the Final Fantasy games in order of release? 

The designer and producer of the series are Square Enix. He is one of the greatest and most renowned publishers of that era.  Every trained professional worker makes sure that the game is updated from the center RPG components to convey something new and unique. This game offers its audience a unique story, unique music, and unique characters.

The franchise’s commitment to the RPG business, in general, is endless. Most of the most played games and best titles are FFI, FFIII, FFVII, FFX, FFXIII, and FFXIV. The order release of the  Final Fantasy game started from 1987 to 2020.

Games Order

  1. Final Fantasy I  was released in 1987.
  2. After that Final Fantasy II got released in 1988 with some new amazing features.
  3. Later, Final Fantasy III was launched in 1990.
  4. After that Final Fantasy IV was released in 1991 with an updated version.
  5. Then Final Fantasy V got released in 1992 with amazing new characters.
  6. After that Final Fantasy VI was launched in 1994 as per the audience demand.
  7. Moreover, Final Fantasy VII was released in 1997 with a different story to attract the players to the game.
  8. Later, Final Fantasy VIII got released in 1999 and took the charge to increase the number of players because of its highly amazing game plot and music.
  9. Then in the 20s, the new century people got to know more about Final Fantasy and later its more updated version got released on demand by the audience.
  10. Final Fantasy IX got released in 2000 and Final Fantasy X got released in 2001.  Final Fantasy XI was launched in 2002 with unique and amazing new characters that grabbed the attention of the players.
  11. Later, Final Fantasy X-2 got released in 2003 which is the first sequel in the game series.
  12. After that Final Fantasy XII got released in  2006 which had a theme of battle, war and many more stories like these will be present in the game.
  13. Final Fantasy XII was released in Revenant Wings in 2007. The theme of the game is a very exciting treasure hunt.
  14. Later, Final Fantasy XIII was released in  2009 which was easily available on Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows.
  15. After that Final Fantasy XIV got launched in 2010.

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Plot setting of final fantasy

The plot setting of the entire game revolves around Eorzea. Final Fantasy XIII 2 got released in 2011 and has a plot of time traveling. An audience is more likely to play a game if the setting is this type. This Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is the final part of the series that got released in 2013. It can be played on all sorts of gadgets including Xbox 360 and PlayStation.

The storyline of Final Fantasy

The storyline of the game revolves around action and adventure. Later, Final Fantasy XIV, A Realm Reborn got launched in 2013. This game was launched to fix errors that people had to face in previous versions. Although the errors were quite minor because the players wanted to, the franchise made another version to make its audience satisfied and they can easily play the game and enjoy it.

Then Final Fantasy XV got released in 2016 which is filled with actions and adventure, weapons, and firing. This version is only available on the Xbox 360. Last but not least the franchise launched the Final Fantasy VIII Remake version in 2020. If you want to play the specific party of the game you can simply choose and can replay from this Remake version.

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Do you need to play the final fantasy games in order?

Japanese game designer Hironobu Sakaguchi is a very renowned and former Square worker, the organization that later turned out to be Square Enix. It holds the privileges for the launch. Sakaguchi left the organization in 2003. Right now he is designing versatile games for his organization. Also, there are multiple different games for Android and iOS.

That was the first game, FF IX, FF VIII, FF VII, FF VI, FF III, FF II, and FF. They are likewise 3D versions of more games, in addition to many side projects, some of which are allowed to play. So if you play the game in the order it is going to give you an amazing plot and you will enjoy the game series throughout.

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