Final Fantasy XIV Removes Time Limit on Free Trial and More!

Final Fantasy XIV Removes Time Limit on Free Trial and More!

Good news to those who are planning on playing Final Fantasy XIV!

Previously, FFXIV’s free trial only lasts up to 14 days with a level cap of 20. To promote the upcoming 4.0 expansion this June 2017 (Stormblood), I guess they decided to lift the time limit as well as add more features to the free trial to entice new players. Now, you can play to your heart’s content and explore Eorzea!


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Here’s a summary of what the free trial players now can and can’t do:

  • Create up to 9 playable characters, 1 character per world (group of servers)
  • Level cap is now up to level 35
  • Can join parties, but cannot create
  • Can join and talk in Linkshell (chat group), but cannot create
  • Can progress up to Floor 10 of the Deep Dungeon
  • Gil (in-game currency) amount is capped
  • Cannot use “shout”, “yell” or “tell” in-game chat options
  • Cannot access the in-game market board
  • Cannot trade items with other players
  • Cannot use the Mogletter service
  • Cannot hire a retainer character
  • Cannot create or join a Free Company (guild)
  • Cannot login to The Lodestone or any other game forum
  • Characters are transferable when you buy the game

That said, here’s the content you’ll be going through while on the free trial:

  • More than HALF of “A Realm Reborn” main story scenario
  • Tons and tons of side quests to level up, explore and discover the lore
  • 20 classes, each with their own respective story quest line (using one character!)
  • These are 9 battle classes, 8 crafting classes and 3 gathering classes
  • 8 4-man dungeons
  • 12 Guildhests (quick missions to teach you about the usual dungeon mechanics)
  • 2 Primal boss fights (Ifrit and Titan, also included in the main story)
  • Mini-games at the Gold Saucer: Triple Triad, Chocobo Racing, Lord of Verminion

It’s technically more than half of the game made free already, with a few restrictions to specifically avoid character and gil spamming as well as real money trading inside the game.

I’ve been playing the game for almost 4 years and in that long span of time, Final Fantasy XIV has never ceased to keep me hyped up on whatever content it’s producing, whether they be the main story, awesome raids and battles, masterful music, comedic side quests, what have you!

I guess the main issue keeping most Filipinos from playing the game is the monthly subs. Well, if you’re a gamer capable of buying multiple games from Steam or for your PS4, you can consider Final Fantasy XIV a good buy as the main story alone already consists of more than 100 hours of gameplay. And if you’re not an MMO person, you can just progress the main story and stop there- you can actually do all that in the free 30 days when you buy the game.

Here’s the pretty awesome trailer for the upcoming expansion, Stormblood:

Final Fantasy XIV is available on the PC, PS4, Mac, and will soon stop service on the PS3.

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