Final Fantasy XIV – Sigmascape V3.0 (Savage) / O7S Guide

Final Fantasy XIV – Sigmascape V3.0 (Savage) / O7S Guide

Welcome to The Foodie Geek’s FFXIV Raid Guides: Sigmascape (Savage) Edition!

Yep, these guides are a little too late in the game with tons of others already out there, but I like to have a grasp of the fights by writing about them in my own way. This is to help me memorize the mechanics more, and me visiting this page can serve as a reminder on how the fights go. These guides are primarily for me and my friends, but I hope everyone reading this can learn a thing or two as well.

You are currently at Sigmascape V3.0 / O7S

Links to other guides:

O7S Clear Video Paladin Off-Tank POV:

Mechanics & Rotation

Note: The boss will either use one of two rotations for the entire fight. What rotation the boss will use will depend on what program he will Load on Phase 2 (either Dadaluma or Bibliotaph). Discussed below is the Dadaluma Rotation. I will list the summarized Bibliotaph Rotation afterwards.


Magitek Ray – boss faces random player and does straight-line AoE attack upon cast bar finish. The AoE is a bit thin so it’s easy to sidestep during  casting (0:16 of video)

Arm and Hammer – single-target tankbuster. Shield and heal as necessary (0:26 of video)

Atomic Ray – marks all DPS with a red orb over their heads. Orbs spewing circular AoEs will drop where they are after a few seconds so they must bait it to the edges of the arena, and away from each other. Getting caught up in the explosion will cause heavy damage and a Vulnerability Up debuff (0:34 of video)

Missile – single random DPS is marked by prey and will be hit by Missile after the cast. This will deal heavy DoT (five ticks) to the player so healers must watch out. Paladins can use Cover before it hits, and one of the healers can just Regen the Paladin (0:44 of video)


Shockwave – drops immediately after the casting of Load. Medium raid-wide damage that comes with a potent knockback effect. Main tank should position boss a bit to the north and everyone should stack near the boss so they won’t be pushed all the way to the south and get paralyzed. Everyone can use anti-knockback skills here to keep DPS uptime (0:53 of video)

Missile Simulation + Chakra Burst Circles – eight yellow Chakra Burst Circles will spawn where each player must occupy one before they detonate. To make things worse, a number of missiles from the east, west and south will cross the arena. Pre-assign each player to a specific circle, and watch out for the missiles. It will always be safe between missiles, awareness and positioning is key. Tilting your camera for a bird’s eye view helps. Just don’t leave your circle no matter what (1:06 of video)

Run Program (Dadaluma Add) – Dadaluma will spawn from the northwest. Off-tank must tank it and position it beside the boss in the middle for best handling of upcoming mechanics, DPS uptime and AoE healing. There aren’t any cleave attacks except for the easy-to-evade Magitek Ray and Aura Cannon (1:23 of video)

Magitek Ray

Aura Cannon (Dadaluma) – blue marker on single random healer or DPS. Dadaluma will fire a thick straight-line AoE facing that player so it must be baited away from everyone. In our case, we had the marked players position west. After the initial damage to the targeted player, heavy DoT (4 ticks) will follow so healers watch out. Dadaluma will continue using Aura Cannon until he dies (1:42 of video)

Arm and Hammer
Magitek Ray


Demon Simulation – summoning circles will appear on the north, east, south and west edges of the arena. Each circle will summon a strong add (equaling to a wipe) unless four players will simultaneously stand on each circle. To handle this, split the party into two groups of four, and assign two circles for each group. Example: tanks and melee DPS will stand on north circle first, and then sprint to the east circle afterwards while the healers and Ranged DPS will handle the south and west. You will know it’s safe to leave the circle when you see a chain animation above the circle (2:22 of video)


Interdimensional Explosion – melee-range AoE on boss. Everyone just move away from the boss after the casting of Retrieve Program (2:40 of video)

Copy Program (Missile Simulation)

Run Program (Air Force Adds) – each DPS will be tethered to an add (either SE, SW, NE, NW), and they must go to the add tethered to them and kill it ASAP. Be careful when on your way to your add as by this time missiles will also be crossing the arena (Missile Simulation) (3:09 of video)

Bomb Deployment – two bombs will spawn in two different locations. Each bomb will have a red and blue circle on its sides, and one of them will glow a few moments after appearing. To diffuse the bombs, each healer will claim one bomb, wait for one of the circles of their bombs to glow, and step on that circle. Not stepping on the correct color or not stepping on it at all will detonate the bomb and deal heavy AoE damage to everyone (3:25 of video)

Diffractive Laser (Air Force Adds) – DPS should face their adds outside the arena as they will do a huge cone AoE attack facing the one they’re tethered to. Run past the add or sidestep while casting to dodge (3:29 of video)

Arm and Hammer
Magitek Ray


Ink – when the casting of ‘Load’ finishes, Ink AoE puddles will drop on each player. To handle this, players may pre-assign positions as not to clip anyone when this mechanic drops. You can use the yellow Chakra Burst positioning for easier handling of the mechanic (3:50 of video)

Diffractive Plasma – raid-wide heavy damage AoE (4:09 of video)

Tentacle Simulation – everyone stack as closely as possible in the middle while facing north (very important!) to bait the tentacles. When the AoE markers appear on the floor, run away to dodge while avoiding the middle and north section of the arena (that’s where the tentacles were baited to face, that’s where they will attack) (4:19 of video)

Run Program (Ultros Add) – Ultros will spawn in the southeast corner. Off-tank will tank it where it spawns. DPS can still continue DPSing the boss at this point for maximum output (4:30 of video)

Stoneskin (Ultros) – Ultros will start casting Stoneskin which must be silenced (e.g. by tank or bard) no matter what. Players can start killing Ultros when the boss flies away and becomes untargettable (4:42 of video)

Main Cannon – while Ultros is casting Stoneskin, boss will lock on to a random player’s position and fly upwards. Boss will adjust to have a better view of said position, and then he will start to use his guns and eventually AoE cannon on that particular area. To handle this, everyone should stack near the edge of where Ultros spawned and stay there until the boss flies up. Once you see the animation of the boss flying up, immediately run to the opposite corner far away to avoid the gun attacks and minimize the cannon’s AoE damage. Kill Ultros before the boss flies back down (4:42 of video)

Diffractive Plasma

PHASE 6: SKIP PROGRAM (VIRUS) (5:15 of video)

This is the most complicated part of the fight. After this, it will only be a repeat of the previous mechanics mashed together. Make sure you put the boss in the center of the arena before ‘Skip Program’ finishes casting!

Upon cast finish, players will get the following debuffs:

  • 1 tank paired with 1 DPS (melee) will get Abandonment + Knockback Tether
  • 1 healer paired with 1 DPS (melee) will get Abandonment +Knockback Tether
  • 1 tank paired with 1 healer will get Searing Wind + Pull In Tether
  • 2 DPS (ranged / farthest) paired together will get Searing Wind + Pull In Tether
  • 1 unlucky DPS will get Aether Rot

Abandonment – debuff that will need the players affected to be near another player when it goes off. Positioning of those with Abandonment (also with Knockback Tethers) will be around the center of the arena near the boss

Knockback / Pull In Tethers – players tethered with +/- Charges will be pulled to each other when it goes off. Conversely, those with +/+ and -/- Charges will be knocked back away from each other. Positioning of those with Knockback Tethers will be around the center of the arena near the boss, while those with Pull In Charges will be  the NE+SE and NW+SW edges of the arena

Searing Wind – huge AoE that will pulsate twice. No one should get caught up in this. Positioning of those with Searing wind (also with Pull In Tethers) will be the NE+SE and NW+SW edges of the arena. This is to avoid hitting those in the middle with the AoE of Searing Wind

Aether Rot – 15-second debuff that must be passed to another player before its time expires. Those previously affected with Aether Rot cannot be affected again so watch out.

How to Handle Virus Phase:

  • Make sure boss in the center of the arena as ‘Skip Program’ is being cast
  • Wait for your debuffs to determine who will go where
  • The tank with Abandonment will Provoke the boss
  • Those with Abandonment will stay near boss
    • Tank and healer will stack in front of boss
    • The 2 DPS will stack behind the boss but not too near to avoid passing the Aether Rot
    • DPS with Aether Rot will only pass it to the other DPS just before its time expires
    • Don’t stack too far away from boss. Avoid getting pushed to the edge or to the players with Searing Wind
    • After tank is pushed to the middle north by Knockback Tether, he may stay there and let the boss follow
  • Those with Searing Wind will move away to the NE, NW, SE, SW edges
    • Ranged DPS 1 can go to NE while his partner Ranged DPS 2 can go to SE
    • Tank can go to NW while his healer partner can go to SW
    • Searing Wind > Pull In Tethers > Searing Wind
    • When the Pull In Tethers pull you, go back to your designated edges to avoid clipping others with the second Searing Wind
    • After the second Searing Wind, players may go back to the boss
  • Just before the Aether Rot time expires on the 2nd melee DPS, he should pass it to a designated healer, who will then pass it to the other healer, and so forth
  • Aether Rot pattern would be Melee > Melee > Healer > Healer > Ranged > Ranged
  • To avoid passing the Aether Rot accidentally, we had the one affected with Aether Rot position to the east. Other players would avoid that area. Players who will receive the Aether Rot next will standby in the southeast so the one who will pass it to him won’t have a hard time

Diffractive Plasma
Diffractive Plasma

Viral Weapon – removes the Aether Rot debuff but inflicts Temporary Misdirection to everyone. A rotating pointing finger will appear on everyone’s heads, indicating which direction they can only go to when they move. This makes it hard to handle the next attacks (especially when you panic), but a little practice can go a long way (6:19 of video)

Magitek Ray – just hope to RNGesus that it won’t be facing you on cast lol. If it does, try to run past the boss or go to its sides. Timing where the finger points when you move is key

Main Cannon – best-case scenario here is everyone should be near the northern edge (can be northeast, center north or northwest) so the gun attacks and Main Cannon will be baited there. When the boss begins to fly up, you can proceed to run anywhere towards the southern edge to minimize damage

Electric Pulse – right after the Main Cannon explodes, a green radar animation will begin ticking on the floor. Do not move when this goes off or it will paralyze you. You can still use attacks, skills and abilities, just not your feet. This will now go off in-between mechanics from now on so watch out (6:44 of video)

Arm and Hammer
Diffractive Plasma


Interdimensioal Explosion
Copy Program: Missile Simulation
Run Program: Air Force Adds
Bomb Deployment
Diffractive Laser (Air Force Adds)
Arm and Hammer
Diffractive Plasma


Demon Simulation
Electric Pulse

Run Program (Bibliotaph Add) – spawns on the northwest. It’s the same with the Dadaluma add but hits a lot harder and has a tankbuster attack. Off-tank should get it and tank it beside the boss to maximize healing and DPS. Off-tank may use his invulnerability skill here to help the healers. Kill it ASAP (8:38 of video)

Diffractive Plasma
Diffractive Plasma
Diffractive Plasma
Magitek Ray
Diffractive Plasma


Electric Pulse
Missile Simulation + Chakra Burst Circles + Atomic Ray
Magitek Ray
Diffractive Plasma


Tentacle Simulation
Bomb Deployment
Atomic Ray
Magitek Ray
Diffractive Plasma
Run Program (Ultros Add Spawns in Northeast)
Missile Simulation
Stoneskin (Ultros)
Main Cannon
Diffractive Plasma

Extermination Sequence – enrage. Kill the boss before it finishes casting


Phase 1
Phase 4: ULTROS (Ultros Spawns Northeast)
Phase 5: AIR FORCE
Phase 6: VIRUS
Phase 7: ULTROS (Ultros Spawns Southwest)
Phase 10: AIR FORCE

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