Final Fantasy XV Leaked and Sold in Peru

A Reddit thread just came out revealing that our most-awaited game that took ten long years, Final Fantasy XV, has leaked and is now on sale in Peru (mong other places) instead of debuting on November 29.

How the hell did this happen?


“It was bound to happen. Once they ship out to retailers, stupid mistakes or black market sales are inevitable”, a Redditor says. It seems that some of the discs have already been shipped to distributors worldwide, and others have reached the itchy hands of those who cannot follow simple rules, blatant opportunists or just plain stupid. Either way they’re probably going to jail once Square Enix tracks them down.


Some people even had the gall to post it on their game stores’ Facebook pages. Not sure what type of legal measures are usually taken to protect a game developer from retailers releasing the game on their own (and not following the release date), but I’m sure Square Enix will take the necessary steps to bring these fuckers down. I really can’t fathom the point of them doing this, unless it’s the developers who screwed up getting their message across to distributors. Get updated here at SE’s forum about the issue.


This is just unfair for everyone. Unfair for the developers as they had a clear-cut plan to maximize profit and deliver customer satisfaction, and unfair to the obedient distributors who may have lost sales despite following the agreement. Most of all, it’s unfair to the gamers who’ve waited ten years for this, and those who have pre-ordered and anticipated the game on November 29. Now the internet’s gonna be stormed with spoilers and shit thanks to those black market killjoys. The good news is Sony has suspended players who went online with the game, and those who tried to download the supposed-to-be 7gb Day 1 patch.

Here’s a video from YouTube:

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