[FINAL FANTASY XV] Ultima Blade and Helixhorn Guide

[FINAL FANTASY XV] Ultima Blade and Helixhorn Guide


You’d be surprised for it to be considered one of the strongest weapons of the game considering how easy it is to get, as well as how early you can get it in the game. Long story short, the Ultima Blade is just your starting weapon, the Engine Blade, upgraded three times. You just need certain items and have Cid upgrade it for you.

Item needed: Rusted Bit
Where to get: common item, there’s one lying around in Keycatrich Trench

Hand the item, as well as the unequipped Engine Blade over to Cid. After about three quests or hunts and a good night’s sleep, he’ll call you in the morning to tell you to pick up your upgraded weapon.

The next two upgrades would sing of the same song, just with different items.

Item needed: Glass Gemstone
Where to get: rarer but still a common item, there’s one in the area between the Fallstar Foods and Sypert Sundries in Lestallum

The last one is a bit of a challenge, but still easy if you do the right procedure.

Item needed: Sturdy Helixhorn


Go to Old Lestallum and join the Level 29 Hunt: The Last Spiracorns.

Here’s the tricky part- the drop rate of that item is pretty low so you’re gonna do three things:

1.) Mother And Child Rice Bowl
– Have ignis learn the recipe when you roam around the overlook in Lestallum
– Buy the recipe items in car shop: Chickatrice Leg, Birdbeast Egg and Saxham Rice
– Make camp and eat the dish

2.) Warp-Ambush Attack
– Learn the ability in Wait Mode Ascension for 18 AP, don’t forget to enable Wait Mode

3.) Equip a great sword e.g. Hardedge
-You can buy one in certain weapon shops

You’ll need the food for increased item drop rate, the Wait Mode Ascension ability and a great sword for increased breakage of enemy appendage e.g. the Helixhorn.

Now that you’re all set-up, head on over near the hunt area, save the game, and try your luck! All you need to do is to constantly warp-strike the Duplicorn’s horns in Wait Mode until they break. If it doesn’t drop, re-load and repeat. I got mine the second time around. Don’t forget: use food, the great sword and Wait Mode Ability, and then you’re golden. Submit to Cid the item, and voila, congratulations on your Ultima Blade!

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