Orico HDD Docking Station Unboxing and Review


Category: PC Peripherals
Price: P1,150
Bought at: DynaQuest PC (Eton Ortigas Branch)

For a techno-geek like me who likes hoarding my games, music and videos and treat them as keepsakes (yeah, no plans of deleting them), external hard-disk drives are just too expensive and they’re really not recommended if you just need storage space. It’s not like I need to always access them, after all. That’s why I was so keen on getting the Orico HDD Docking Station– I don’t have to open my PC and switch drives just to access my archived files anymore!


I bought it at DynaQuest PC Eton Ortigas branch walk-in for P1,150. But as their web site advises, call the branch you’ll be paying a visit at first to check for stocks as other items are per order basis only.

When I said more expensive, branded external HDDs like Western Digital and Seagate cost around P5,000 (huge 2TB that sometimes need power) to P6,000 (small-sized 2TB), compared to internal HDDs that only cost around P4,000 per 2TB. The initial hassle that comes with going for internal HDDs is that you have to constantly switch them if you have too many, since regular motherboards only have about five slots at an average. And this, my friends, is the solution to that.



Here are the specs of the Orico HDD Docking Station 6619US3:

  • Super Speed USB3.0 5Gbps (compatible with USB2.0)
  • 2.5″, 3.5″ SATA3 and SSD Ready
  • Tool free, easy mount and dismount
  • 12v High Power AC Adapter
  • Double Foil Shielded and Twisted Paired USB 3.0 Cable
  • Built-in Power Control Switch
  • Plug & Play, no drivers needed
  • Windows, Mac and Linux Ready



I’ve only used it seldomly for the months I’ve had it (usually only when a friend wants to copy an old anime I have), but so far so good. I like the fact that it’s already USB3.0 so data transfer is uber-fast, but it must be paired with a USB 3.0 slot on your PC. If not, it just switches to 2.0.


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