Pokemon Emerald Rare Candy Cheats [100% Working]

The rare candy, as the name recommends it, cheats codes in Pokemon Emerald as well as in each Pokemon game. These special codes allow you to develop and build the level of your Pokemon without any hassle. Besides its great advantages, there are downsides you might experience while utilizing the cheat. For activating the cheat on your PC with various multiple cheat codes. In case you don’t use the cheat codes properly it can cause issues to your game and your PC as well. Utilizing too many cheat codes can decrease your chances of winning the game.

The best way and the most ideal situation for applying cheat codes are to only apply once a day by following proper guidelines and instructions. At times, you might need to begin your game from the very start because of the files that have been corrupted.

What is Emerald Rare Candy Cheats? 

The rare candy cheat is most of the time utilized in Pokemon Emerald and you can get many advantages while applying this cheat. As for applying cheat codes, you should be well aware that the games required certain codes or not in your Pokemon Emerald game.

Rare Candy (Check PC) Alternative (Check PokeMart)
82005274 0044 BFF956FA 2F9EC50D

Utilize the code to play your favorite Pokemon Emerald game. Also, it’s not compulsory that whenever you apply the code it’s going to work. It only depends upon the level and situation in the game. You can easily get all other codes throughPokemart.

Best Pokemon Emerald Cheats

There are various Pokemon Emerald cheat codes that you can find in this article. However, it is guaranteed that this pokemon game has the best cheat codes available for its players. A few of them are as below:

Rare Candy Cheat

Rare candy cheats help you in skipping the level of the game. By just applying a few codes you can simply skip 3 to 4 levels above the game. In which you can select and skip the most difficult levels.

Master Ball Cheat

Turn into the expert of all Pokemon you experience with this cheat. In this, you will get limitless expert balls. These cheat codes are a plus point for the game.

Walk Through Walls 

By paying these codes you can easily Walk wherever you want to on the map and it won’t give you any warning or won’t destroy your game.

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Wild Pokemon Encounter Codes

These wild Pokemon encounter codes can make you meet all sorts of pokemons. These pokemons are very difficult to get but by applying the codes you can simply get access to them.

Level Modifier Code

These codes can be used to encounter other wild Pokemons. These codes are the best as they help you in skipping 5  levels altogether.

Shiny Pokemon Encounter Code

By applying these cheat codes you can encounter new pokemons. You can also make your pokemon shine with glitter and can make it look more glam and chic.

Warp or Teleport Cheat

By applying this cheat code you can easily get all the major and important locations for your Pokemons.

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How to Activate the Cheats using the My Boy free version? 

Activating or applying the cheats by using the emulator of my Boy free is quite simple. Make sure you follow all the important steps. As my Boy free requires a paid version in the free stages of the game.

The rare candy cheat is truly simple to utilize, and it’s just a single line of code. You can also then pull out the main thing shown and it will be similar cheat codes. However, you might get an excessive number of cheat codes that are generated in your PO. In case you face this issue you can fix this issue of an excessive number of pokemon emerald rare candy cheats. If you leave the rare candy cheat in between as you are playing the game, then it will show some glitch and you won’t be able to win the game.

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Pokemon Emerald Rare Candies in PC [Cheat}

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