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Circulo Verde, Calle Industria, Quezon City

Mobile No. 0917 124 27 87

Business Hours: Everyday 7am-8pm

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The country’s first internationally-designed bike park just opened its doors to the public! Dubbed The Bike Playground, it’s a featured amenity of the 10-hectared Circulo Verde. A master-planned mixed-use community situated in Quezon City’s Calle Industria, the hub currently employs five residential towers, various retail stores, restaurants and tranquil open spaces. Biking included, there’s plenty of fun stuff to do here!

The Bike Playground comprises of three main courses: the Outdoor Trail, Pump Park, and Kids’ Track.

The Outdoor Trail

If you’re the type of biker who likes it on the dirt and out in the sun, then you can head on to the bike park’s outdoor trail first. Spanning to about a kilometer long, the trail is pretty basic with its sharp turns and occasional bumps. The hardest obstacles here would probably be the artificial uphill climb to the top of the modified cargo container and that one area with the consecutive bumps.

If you’re a beginner wanting to do some trails for the first time, this place is a good start. When you’ve got the basics covered, it is only then you can move on to the harder trails like the one at Camp Aguinaldo.

The Pump Track by Velosolutions

Velosolutions is a Swiss company specializing in bike racks and asphalt bike infrastructures such as pump tracks, trails, race tracks and the like, having tons of their projects span across the globe. To have their renowned craft grace Philippine soil, at a very affordable price, should be quite the treat to our local kapadyak!

I’m no expert at sizing pump tracks, but it seems a bit small as it can only cater to a few at a time. In our experience, eight already feels a bit cramped. The good news here is that it’s not always crowded, and bikers will only go for a few loops before stopping to rest. Waiting in line should be a cinch. Keep in mind that the pump track is open to everyone, beginners included, so those looking to do some fast and hardcore stunts should pay heed to the lesser-skilled and have some patience when they stop and block your path.

First Visit

Taking the summer heat into account, we decided to go here at opening time on a Saturday so we could make the most of our visit. Our road biker friends couldn’t join so they just did a couple of runs at the 1km loop around Circulo Verde, while us mountain bikers proceeded to the playground.

In total, I did 5 laps of the outside trail and around 5 laughable amateur loops of the pump track. The outside trail was pretty easy, but it still offers good training. The pump track? Well, I guess I need to do more research and practice on how to flawlessly do a loop there without stopping and looking silly.

Afterwards, we biked to Eastwood City and eat lunch at S&R. Our visit at the playground was pretty solid!

Services and Pricelist:

7am to 5pm –P65 per 4 hours
5pm to 8pm – P95
*Accepting guests until 7:30pm

Bike Rentals:
Pump Track Bike – P500 per 3 hours (with basic instructor)
Mountain Bike – P500 per 3 hours (with basic instructor)
Kid’s Bike – P350 per 2 hours

Lessons, Clinics and Coaching:
Basic Skills – P350 per head (2 hours)
Advanced Skills – P500 per head (2 hours)

Also available are city touring bikes, take advantage of these if you want to see more of the city aroun dour establishment. Full inventory can be found at

Venue Rental:

For Venue Rentals please contact them at the info provided above

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