Vampire The Masquerade Console Commands (100% Working)

The console command is an in-game order line tool that permits troubleshooting capabilities as well as showing and adjusting game factors. It very well may be utilized for cheating, fixing broken game states, and numerous different things. The console command is impaired of course and possibly opens up the game to run with the console order line boundary. The most helpful approach to running the game with this boundary is by setting up an easy route for the players.


The interaction varies depending upon the working framework and whether the game is sent off through Steam. To open the control center, press the ~tilde key button in the upper left corner of your console. Also, make sure that you should run the game from the modified alternate route. You can auto-run from the DVD or utilize the start menu.

Large numbers of console commands might break the game state and ought to be utilized with care. To cancel different mods, for example, noclip, npc_freeze, or god essentially retype them into the control center to disable them. A few of the code commands and effects are as follow:

  1. The code is blood and the impact sets the player character’s blood pool to around 75% full.
  2. The code is blood # and the impact Sets the player character’s blood pool to show the sum.
  3. The code is cash # and the impact is to increase generally female character size by the shown sum.

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What are vampire masquerade bloodlines cheats? 

The Masquerade bloodlines cheat stands as an example that has seen an ever-increasing number of players dive into its dull and cruel world throughout the long term. A title revealing how old it very well may be, having delivered very nearly twenty years prior. Also when you are experiencing difficulty diving into it, a portion of its control center orders and cheats could help.

Also if the fresh blood or a veteran hoping to occupy time as we hang tight for the spin-off. The Masquerade bloodlines console command and cheats can assist you with moving parts or have a great time as you are clearing your path through the game.

Below, you will see a list of some most commonly used and convenient Masquerade bloodlines console orders and cheats, which will help make your game entertaining and interesting. A few of them are as follows:

  • draw_hud 0 – Disables the HUD
  • stats get (stat) (amount) – Sets specified attribute to specified value
  • npc_freeze – Freezes NPCs in place
  • no target – Toggles invisibility
  • victims – Lists spawnable items
  • money (amount) – Increases female characters’ breast size by a specified amount
  • FindPlayer().MoneyAdd(amount) – Grants you the specified amount of money
  • oceanhouseQuestComplete() – Skip the The Ghost Haunts at Midnight mission
  • cl_showfps (1) – Shows frame rate counter
  • clan Player_[clan name] – Changes the player character’s clan to a specified clan at the cost of all experience points

How does the Cheat engine Work? 

Vampire the Masquerade bloodlines The game was initially launched in 2004 and it gained a lot of love from the audience. The players will follow the narrative of a killed human vampire.

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How to select you4 characters in the masquerade console commands? 

When you select your vampire type make sure you check that there are set detail focuses that you can utilize. When you appropriate them, return to the base choice. Select a similar base as in the past. Also the vampire the masquerade bloodlines cheat engine ensures that you don’t click on another base it resets the person’s details.  Later, when you return to the detailed page your personality has the details that you have left.

You don’t have to stress over having additional focus stepping up your personality in the creation screen involving the error in the creation screen. When you have your properties as a whole and disciplines maximized, you have additional focuses left to spend, just hit the auto convey button, and it spends the focus, paying little heed to everything being pushed to the limit as of now.

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