Yamada’s First Time Review


Studio: Hal Film Maker
Publisher: Shueisha
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School, Seinen
Release: S1 (2010)

Supposed to be quite a fun-to-watch teenage sex comedy between a perverted high school girl with sex issues and her uber-dense, boring and oblivious sex prospect classmate, this anime is better considered to be the romantic comedy-type than just your usual cliched ecchi shows. Here’s Yamada’s First Time!


The Japanese title for the anime is B Gata H Kei

Plot: The story starts with a hyper-active fifteen year-old Yamada and her ultimate dream of achieving 100 sex partners one day. But despite her striking physique, beauty and confidence, she finds herself insecure and in-adept to handle the invitations and advances of the many remarkable men around her.


Unable to cope up with those she considers experienced, she decides to go after this boring and average guy in her class named Kosuda Takashi. Doing it for the first time with another first-timer like herself would be the best initial step in achieving her goal, so she thinks.



Yamada’s awkward and usually misinterpreted sexual advances to Kosuda begins, but always ends up with the latter confused and scared. The message Yamada wants to portray doesn’t seem to reach the uber-dense Kosuda. This is probably because she mostly thinks about doing it so much that her plans are sure to falter right after the first step- she’s way in over her head, after all. This scene in the first episode just says that much:






The comic engine of the show usually dervies fuel from the honest though misguided efforts of both sexes, having the inexperienced-but-gentle Kosuda and inexperienced-but-perverted Yamada make advances to each other to further reveal the possibilities of what lies beyond their relationship, but then just leaves a wrong, if not opposite impression to the other person after everything that’s happened.

The scene below portrays Yamada covering her face with her health exam results in front of Kosuda, wanting him to be impressed at her three sizes. This just leaves poor Kosuda to think that she doesn’t want him to see her face anymore, given that they had an awkward moment prior to this.




After a few episodes, the green-filled comedy would then subtle and develop to a cute and profound relationship between the two, having their pseudo-sex adventures as just pretenses for discovering a far more beautiful and meaningful realizationor something like that.


Well, I’ll just let you be the judge after you watch the 12 episodes. I hope you enjoy this one!

RATING: 7.3/10

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