10 Best Rolling Pins for Pizza & Baking Dough in 2023 [Reviewed]

best rolling pin for pizza dough

Most of us love to bake and kitchen gadgets. A rolling pin is one of the essential kitchen tools that we need most. Specifically, if you are a pizza lover, you must need a rolling pin. You can also make dough and pizza with other rolling things, but the top rolling pin helps you quickly create a large dough and pizza. All rolling pins look the same, but some are different from others and make your work easier.

Before buying a new one, you need to know everything about it. Sometimes, you need wood made while other time needs a Marble and steel made for making butter-filled doughs. We have tested and described rolling pin reviews that are greatly designed, lightweight, easy to clean, and long-lasting. Let’s start:

Important things to look for before buying:

Size: A rolling pin two to two and a half inches in diameter is sufficient for most home bakers. The more notable characters are designed for professional use. The length of the Roll ranges from 10 to 18 inches. It depends on the size of your need but, 15-16 inches is sufficient. For pizza dough, a longer rolling pin is better.

Weight of a Rolling pin: The heavier roller means you don’t have to push as hard as you roll the dough, but the light pen is easier to handle. For most users, a weight somewhere in between is ideal. You can have rolling pins of various weights on hand.

Price: The rolling pin production material for dough largely determines its price but don’t waste a lot of money to find a high-quality rolling pin. There are many options, ranging from $13 to $60. Although you can find silicone, steel, marble, wood, etc., wooden casters with handles are great. The prime type of rolling pin made of marble or higher-quality hardwood is more expensive. Embossing rolls are less versatile and may be more costly due to the attention to detail of the dough process.

Best rolling pins for pizza dough 2023

Here is the list of the top rolling pins for pizza dough

Products Rating
Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin
10 [Editors Choice]
Farberware Classic Wood Rolling Pin9
Dishwasher-Safe Tapered French Rolling Pin for Baking8.5
French Rolling Pin7
K Basix Wooden Rolling Pin7.5
18 inch French Rolling Pin8
Rolling Pin & Baking Pastry Set7.5
VANZAVANZU Rolling Pin & Dough Roller7
Gorilla Grip Premium Rolling Pin8
Etens Rolling Pin7

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Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin

Why we love it:

  • It is a five-piece adjustable rolling pin
  • It comes with safe dishwasher discs that are easy to clean
  • The dimensions in centimeters of pin etched on the surface
  • Removable discs raise the rolling surface
✅Looks cool
❌Not great for Roll out large pieces of dough.
✅Measurements for easy use
✅Best for pastry thickness
✅Great for pizza and pie crusts

In-Depth Details

If you want to prepare evenly flattens dough for uniform baking, select Joseph Joseph’s Adjustable Rolling. This pin comes with adjustable features that will not allow your dough to stretch. It will be the top choice for making pie crusts, cookies, lasagne sheets, pizza, and filo pastry. It has a solid beach construction with 1/4,1/6, 1/16, and 3/8-inch removable and colorful discs. These discs enroll the dough for equal thickness.

If you are new to the baking world, but this one, we are assured that it will help you to fulfill your task quickly. The item measures 17.13 x 2.72 x 2.72 inches for LxWxH. Not only for beginners, but it is also really hard for professionals too to measure the proper thickness of the dough.

Why get this?

The rolling pin is designed sharply with rings to obtain an even thickness throughout. These rings allow you to measure dough, pastry thickness and raise the rolling surface. If you want to extend the length of the pin, unscrew ends. The construction material is beech wood that will not stick to your dough and easy to clean with handwash. However, instantly dry your rolling pin after each wash.

Farberware Classic Wood Rolling Pin

Why we love it:

  • The rolling pin is designed with solid wood to withstand routine use.
  • It is a generously sized roller that improves equal transfer.
  • For pastries and pizza preparation, it will prime.
  • It is well-sized, durable, and easy to clean.
✅Measurements for easy use
❌If you dip it in water for a considerable time, it may not roll perfectly.
✅Great for pizza and pie crusts
✅easy to clean

In-Depth Details

If you want an “American” style handled pin, Farberware rolling pin is the premium of the bunch. We love it during our research due to providing a solid grip on the handle and consistency throughout. In addition, its wood is moisture resistant, so it is easy to wipe and dry the pin.
For rolling out pastry shells, pizza dough, and pie crusts, The Farberware Classic Wood Rolling Pin is an ideal choice.

For a smooth rolling action, the pin boasts of products are made of rust-proof nylon. It is an essential tool for any kitchen as it featured mixed qualities of easy-grip, robust control, comfortable rolling, and moisture-resistant hardwood.

Why get this?

Most common pin rollers caused adhesion to the dough, but this one will never stick dough to the pin even you can make the roll-on transfer it into the pan with the help of dough. After usage, just hand wash or damp dry the hook for the top rolling ever.

Dishwasher-Safe Tapered French Rolling Pin for Baking

Why we love it:

  • It will never rust and maintains the perfect shine
  • Your dough will even roll smoothly.
  • The material is safe to use as it never absorbs dough and odor.
  • You and your child will enjoy rolling with this steel rolling pin.
✅Anti-stick effective
❌If you continuously press it under the intense impact, it may damage.
✅It's easier to clean.
✅Deliver a smooth roll
✅Great look

In-Depth Details

If you want a slightly tapered design pin, select a stainless steel French rolling pin that makes your favorite dough quickly. In addition, to the need for dough, intelligent design helps you. If you think that your dough will melt with stainless steel, freeze the pin and prevent your dough from sticking and melting with a pin. The significant problem people face with wood pins is that they absorb dough odor, but this great type of rolling pin will never absorb odor, so it is top for hygienic measures.

The rollers with handles make dough without analyzing the thickness level, but this one has easy to roll tapered design that can sense the dough thickness, and its tactile movements allow you to use the great pressure on dough. Also, though it is made of stainless steel, it has the cooling properties of marble stone. That’s why it stays cooled and easy to clean.

Why get this?

If you want to prepare soft roti, ravioli, tortillas, dumpling, fondant, pasta, pizza, roll cookies, and pie, the nonporous stainless steel surface will make smoothly. The rolling pin has stainless steel brushed matt finish that makes everything with hygienic safety measures and never absorbs odors and dough, unlike the wood rolling pins. Most time, your kids want to participate in rolling work, add them as it weighs only 10 oz and enjoy. This top rolling pin for kids also makes clay, arts and crafts, and play dough smoothly.

French Rolling Pin

Why we love it:

  • With this rolling pin, You will get a convenient roll every time.
  • It has no cracks where the dough can stick
  • You can easily roll with minimum effort
  • It has tapered ends for better control
✅Classic design
❌Need soaked for best wash
✅Easy to clean
✅Solid Wood Construction
✅Long-lasting use

In-Depth Details

The French Rolling Pin has solid Wood Construction also adds solid rubberwood to make it long-lasting. If you need a rolling pin for professional use in restaurants or need heavy-duty tasks at home, select a French rolling pin with the top size to meet all requirements.

This pizza rolling pin has an original European and classic design that looks so elegant and sleek that anyone will love decorating in the kitchen. If you have a kitchen countertop made of granite and marble or have a nonstick silicone baking mat, a French rolling pin will work expertly.

Why get this?

For making fondants, cookie dough, pastry, bread, braids, and pizza dough, French Rolling Pin is considered perfect. It has an 18-inch length that is easy to store in cabinets and kitchen drawers. Every time you use the rolling pin, you will hardly put extra effort into rolling and get a smooth dough. This tapered Roll has a nonstick pin surface that will not create a mess or stick and clean like a dream. If you want to keep the shine of wood perfect, wiping it with mineral oil.

K Basix Wooden Rolling Pin

Why we love it:

  • It is an all-rounder rolling pin that makes any dough
  • It ensures smooth rolling professionally.
  • The design of the rolling pin looks excellent and easy to store.
  • It offers a firm grip over the handle.
✅Easy to clean and store
❌Rather large sized
✅Solid wood construction
✅Multipurpose pin
✅Great gift

In-Depth Details

Many rolling pins are limited for specific tasks as some are top for roti and pizza dough, while others are perfect for making cookies. It is costly and offensive to buy different rolling pins for various tasks. Get rid of colorful products and select K Basix Wooden Rolling Pin that is All-Rounder Rolling Pin. It has 16.5 inches in length that perfectly makes pastry, pizza, fondant, french style pastry, biscuits, chapatti, pasta, cookie, dumplings, and any dough. The great rolling pin for the dough is made of moisture-resistant hardwood that gives you an excellent hand feeling.

The rolling pin has an Ergonomic design that quickly makes dough like a roll. You will hardly found any dent or scratch on its surface. That is the warranty of smooth rolling. Most times, you feel uncomfortable with non handled products. Still, this one has long held and an adequately constructed rolling surface that maintains balance during rolling, ensures a secure grip, and you can happily make cookies, pastries, and bread. If you need, also crush crackers and breadcrumbs.

Why get this?

The product is straightforward to clean. You can hand wash it and dry it. The hard water can damage the smoothness of the wood, so don’t soak it in water. If you will care, it is a life-lasting model that will ideally meet all your needs.

18 inch French Rolling Pin

Why we love it:

  • It has a perfect size for rolling your dough.
  • For a lifetime of smooth moving, it will be a great choice.
  • It offers enough great rolling that every kitchen needs it.
  • It will be an excellent gift for your family and friends.
✅Great length
❌For entirely smooth, you may need to put extra effort.
✅Keep the balance on the dough
✅Tapered circumference ends

In-Depth Details

If you are a professional in baking and want the top rolling pins for baking, the 18″ inch Rolling Pin will be a great choice. For your professional chef friends, it will be a great kitchen utensils gift. Most professional bakers and patissiers love this tapered rolling pin because you can feel smooth dough below your hands.

Whether you want to rotate your dough or make circles, everything will smooth.The item measures 18″ inch total length, 1″ inch tapered diameter ends, 3.5″ inch tapered circumference ends, and 5″ inch middle circumference.

Why get this?

Overall, it will make an excellent choice for easy grip during smoothing dough, will not hit the countertop, and even structure—all results in the evenly textured dough. The rolling pin is also straightforward to clean as you can wipe it with a towel, clean cloth, and clean with a soft brush.

Rolling Pin and Baking Pastry Mat Set

Why we love it:

  • It’s comfortable to use by beginners and experts.
  • The safest stainless steel is hygienic.
  • One can adjust thickness according to needs.
  • The pin delivers a smooth and pleasant dough.
✅Enjoy home baking
❌We hardly find any cone except wash carefully.
✅Nonstick and easy to clean
✅Perfect thickness every time

In-Depth Details

We will recommend a high-quality stainless steel rolling pin for making high-quality pizza, roti, and thin chapattis. It is designed with 304 stainless steel, looks stylish, elegant, and long-lasting. This high-grade satin-brushed stainless steel gives it a mirror-like look if you are new or expert in the cooking and baking field, no matter because our product will help you to achieve the top results.

The item measures 17 x 2.55 x 2.55 inches for LxWxH, and the total weight is 0.68 Kilograms. It is a difficult task to measure the thickness of the dough. That’s why the great rolling pin for cookie dough offers four sizes of 2mm / 4mm / 6mm / 10mm of detachable rings that give you an excellent measurement for dough thickness. You can detach these rings to increase the length of the roller pin. So if you want to make galletas, dumplings, soft sweets, pie, egg tart, biscuit, bread, spaghetti, pancake, pastry, pizza, and ginger cookies, everything will be mastered perfectly.

Why get this?

The fantastic thing about rolling pin is the latest, Comprehensive matching and upgrade pastry mat. The mat measures 23.6 inches ×15.7 inches, on which you can smooth any size of the dough and clean easily after use. Both tools are partners for surprisingly smooth baking. In addition, on a mat, you can teach your child about baking techniques and measurements. Such unique options are rare in standard rolling pins other than this silicone rolling pin and mat set. Overall, it is the premium rolling pin in 2021.

VANZAVANZU Rolling Pin and Dough Roller

Why we love it:

  • For all rolling, this pin is considered great .
  • It is designed with nonstick technology.
  • Without the risk of dents, it is much long-lasting.
  • It will beautifully smooth your dough.
✅Solid wood made
❌It needs to wet with oil at first use.
✅Classic design
✅Easy and secure grip
✅Perfect size

In-Depth Details

Most steel-made rolling pins caused melting of dough or damaged easily with dents, but VANZAVANZU rolling pin avoids all these things and deigned with solid beech wood. The strong wood offers superb handhold feeling, lasting features, and flexible grip without a handle.
The pizza dough rolling pin can make baking products such as pasta, fondant, cookies, ravioli, dumplings, pie, and pastry. With its sleek surface, you will feel a particular enjoyment while rolling.

Why get this?

Most cheap woods caused dough sticking, but this one is constructed with 100% natural hardwood that is nonstick, free of bacteria and germs, and never caused any pollution and smell in your dough.If you want your rolling pin to last for years, wash it with warm soapy water and dry it after use.

Gorilla Grip Premium Rolling Pin

Why we love it:

  • It is an Ultra-Durable rolling pin
  • During rolling, it remains Slip-Resistant.
  • It makes dough smoothing very quickly.
  • The sleek design of the product will be the top idea for your friends.
✅Completely washable
❌Some customers do not like plastic parts
✅Offers ideal thickness
✅Great quality

In-Depth Details

The premium rolling pin for the dough has a versatile design that looks great in your kitchen. It comes with four removable and adjustable discs. These discs measure 1.5 millimeters, 3 millimeters, 6 millimeters, and 10 millimeters. You can raise and lower the rolling surface through discs for consistent and uniform baking. You can choose any disc according to your need or remove any disc if you want straight rolling.

It is one of the prime rolling pin 2021 as it is constructed with 100% solid beechwood. The beechwood is famous for chipping resistance and wear tear, so the rolling pin lasts for years if used properly.

Why get this?

The rolling pin reviews are great due to measuring dough quantity. It is marked with centimeters and inches, so you can easily measure dough pieces and make your favorite dishes. Whether you want to make pie crusts, pizzas, cookies, pastries, and biscuits, help you make everything easier. The item measures 13.8 inches without handles and 17 inches with handles. Overall, you will love this one due to its lightweight, sleek and comfortable design.

Etens Rolling Pin

Why we love it:

  • For flawless rolling, it will be the top choice.
  • It is the choice of professional pastry chefs.
  • A wooden rolling pin will give you natural feelings.
  • It offers you swift control on rolling.
✅Easy to roll
❌We hardly found any fault except use carefully for prevention of dents.
✅Excellent for bread
✅Good basic tool

In-Depth Details

This French-style rolling pin is ideal for all types of dough. For making pizza, pasta, cookie baking, this roller helps a lot. As well as it can also roll pie crust, bread, dumpling, chappati, and much more. The great rolling pin for pastry has a tapered design that makes it a perfect choice for professional use.

The material used for its construction is hand-finished European solid wood that makes it concrete, lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. It has a 1.75-inch diameter that makes any size of the rolling surface. The smooth look makes it a great gift to offer your food lover friends, and it can last for years if used carefully.

Why get this?

You will easily find rollers with a cheap coating finish in the market, but this one is treated with food-grade oil that protects hardwood from dents and cracks. The lasting wood material is much easy to clean. We are assured that you will love this dough maker other than ordinary models.


We have reviewed everything about the great rolling pin 2021. The above are our top products in this category. We have reduced it to 10 products so that you can reduce your shopping time and spend more time making sweets, pizza dough, and savory foods. We are assured that you can buy the top rolling pin for cookie dough without any hesitation.

Buying guide

Whether you are a novice in the baking industry, the rolling pin is an indispensable tool for making cakes, pies, biscuits, samosas, and other delicious baked goods. Even if you rarely bake, the rolling pin is a versatile kitchen tool. Of course, it is great to use a bottle of wine to roll out the pizza dough! The ideal reel should run smoothly, be strong enough to withstand frequent use, and be easy to store. Below you will find a quick overview of different types, buying tips, and functional FAQ areas.


These ornate rolling pins come with a laser-cut design right into the wooden cylinder. It looks such great that you can offer it as a gift.
These pins produce baked items and make them roll in such a detailed way that you remain shocked.

A traditional rolling pin has an independently moving cylindrical center with two handles. Sometimes it is not have handled, so don’t confuse. These are designed with wood; Some are also made of marble and metal. You can choose one accordingly. These are easy to roll, Durable, Good essential tools, and Excellent for bread or hard-to-roll doughs.

French style

French-style rolling pins have a tapered cylinder, and the ends are narrower than the middle. It comes without handles. It offers more control; No handles to get in the way, Light and Easy to maneuver design, Excellent for precision tasks. These top rolling pins for baking are Suitable for delicate doughs and small hands.

Features of a rolling pin

A rolling pin has the following constructed features

  • Wood
  • Marble:
  • Steel and Glass
  • Silicone

Wood is solid and reliable and the most commonly used material for rolling pins. High-quality hardwoods such as cherry or walnut are more expensive, but one can use them for many years. You can cool the marble before being used for manufacturing quality. However, these pens are heavy and difficult to use for delicate tasks.

Marble is also expensive and breaks easily. Like marble, rolling pins made of steel and glass can also be cooled. These offer the Roll and easy to clean. However, glass rolls are more fragile and break more easily. The silicone material is cheap and easy to clean, but the dough sticks easily.


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