Tom N Toms Coffee Review

2F UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave., Quezon City

Tel No. 281 47 55

Business Hours: Mon-Sat 8am-11pm, Sun 9am-10pm


Menu (From Zomato)

The acclaimed Korean coffee chain finally enters the Manila scene! Previously only having branches at Visayas and Mindanao, everyone in the big metro can now experience their prized bread and coffee creations!

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Ribbon-cutting ceremony for Tom N Tom’s first Manila branch

Tom N Toms is situated inside UP Town Center along Katipunan in Quezon City, near Ateneo and Miriam. Parking is not a problem here, and there’s so much to do! Lot’s of shopping and foodie places to go to, there’s a supermarket, a department store, a couple of utility establishments e.g. couriers, clinics, pet shops, what have you. Then you can just head on to Tom N Tom’s to chill and get some yummy food and drinks!


One thing I noticed that’s different here if compared to other cafes, is that everything is either freshly baked or newly brewed- definitely a big plus. They have their ingredients ready, but they would only start making your food once you order them. Yes, it would take a couple of minutes more to prep your order, but I think it’s worth the wait if it’s gonna be a delicacy made especially for you. After all, pastries always taste best if served straight from the oven- you can enjoy the bread in its steamy, fluffy and tasty peak!

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They have a wide variety of unique pretzels, pastries, smoothies, brewed coffee and a lot more other iced and hot drinks to choose from. So if you’re the curious kind who likes to try a lot of new stuff, you’ll probably come back here again and again as it’s pretty impossible to order them all in a single visit.

Some of the not-your-usual-sounding selection here at Tom N Toms include: Walnut Cappuccino, Coconut Milk Cappuccino, Red Bean Latte, Roasted Soy Latte, Sweet Potato Latte, Cinnamon Chocolate, Red Ginseng Latte, Tortilla Pizza, Shrimp Pretzel, Dog Pretzel, Citron Smoothie, and a lot more!

tomntoms10-3117583Each of us ordered a different drink so we can taste the most we can, ranges from P135-P200

We had quite the feast! Truth be told at first I was dubious when they told be we’d be going to a coffee shop for lunch- but man, was I wrong! Here’s what we had:


tomntoms12-1841288 tomntoms13-7904838
Tortilla Pizza – P185, Hot Italiano Beef Pretzel – P175

tomntoms14-2112654 tomntoms15-2747222
Apple Cinnamon Bread – P185, Choco Butter Bread – P195

Their crunchy Tortilla Pizza and spicy Hot Italiano Pretzel with beef were enough for a hearty lunch already. The Air Bread (P100) and Honey Bread Sticks (P120) were our appetizers, and then the Apple Cinnamon Bread and Choco Butter Bread, along with our cold drinks, for dessert! Our meal was pretty solid, even for lunch.


I loved the Hot Italiano Pretzel at first bite, no contest! Because when it said it was hot, it meant it had jalapenos inside! I’m a chili guy in general, but I’m quite a sucker for jalapenos. The Tortilla Pizza is pretty good, too! Scrumptious as expected as it came fresh from the oven, and the cheese stretches as if it was enticing you to indulge in its melty goodness. Both dessert breads were delicious, although I found the Apple Cinnamon Bread to be too sweet. It’ll be hard to eat it all on your own, but it’s perfect for sharing. Their drinks? You just have to try them out to  know that Tom N Toms signature taste- different from the other big cafes out there, but definitely brings something new of equal greatness to the table!

RATING: 8/10

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