Mogu Tree Noodle House Review


Telephone No. 738 68 97
Mobile No. 0917 553 94 26

Business Hours: Mon-Sun, 11am-11pm


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Here’s something you don’t see everyday: do-it-yourself noodle bowls at Mogu Tree Noodle House!


The place is located right after SSS Village Elementary School (if you’re coming from Sumulong Hi-way) on the left side, just beside China Bank. Other landmarks include Udderly Delicious and Teaza, which are owned by the same people behind Mogu Tree.



The do-it-yourself part was kinda fun: you get a mini-tray and place there the noodles and toppings of your choice. You also get to choose between the regular soup or laksa soup. Types of noodles include egg noodles, wheat noodles, pesto noodles, among many others.


For 125 PHP, you get one serving of noodles, two pieces of two kinds of toppings, and a choice between laksa or regular soup. You can upgrade it to 150 PHP to get two more pieces of toppings. Toppings include Dragon Lobster Balls, Singaporean Fish Balls, Seafood Bun, Sea Urchin Bun, Golden Enoki Mushroom, Mozzarella Balls, Mushroom Balls, Crab Roe Bun, Squid Cake, Pork Asado, Gintara Tofu and more! They all look so tasty, it makes me want to try them all!


They have four tables near the main counter and also around five tables of four in the second floor to cater to more people. It’s not too cramped nor too spacious, but the ambiance is just right for for some hotpot noodles! The whole place is properly air-conditioned as well.


mogu7-9156360 Tsingtao Beer 600ml – 70 PHP

Your order will be served to you steaming hot, complete with a fancy-looking claypot bowl and stand.


The claypot bowl is initially covered so the luscious aroma of the noodle soup will be blown to your face when you open it, just like the photo below. Well, something like that- we kind of enhanced the photo with Ungri’s vape cigarette lol!


I had wheat noodles with two pieces each of Dragon Lobster Balls, Mozzarella Balls and Crab Roe Bun. The Mozzarella balls won the meal for me, so you better put them on your tray when you dine here! The cheese literally explodes in your mouth the moment you bite them. The taste when mixed with laksa soup is weird at first, but then you’ll realize it to be extremely yummy!


Here are photos of what David ordered, a different set of noodles, soup and toppings:



And if you want, you could order an extra mini-bowl of laksa soup or regular soup for free! But you should order if you’re so sure in finishing the whole bowl. One set of noodles and toppings is in itself a belly-burst waiting to happen already. Here’s their menu if you want to try their Claypot Rice Toppings and Dimsum dishes as well:


RATING: 8.6/10

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