Bodato Burgers Review


Telephone No. 347 90 80

Business Hours: Mon-Sun, 8am-10pm

Menu (From Zomato)

After Perfect Renders‘ shoot at Philplans Corporate Center with Total Gas Philippines, we went to take a bite at the building’s mini-fastfood area on the ground floor. Among the various food stalls we could have chosen, Bodato Burgers piqued my interest.

bodato1-8010168Note: This review was from their old branch at PhilPlans Corp. Center

And how could I have not, since their stall is filled with balloons and their music video advertisement kept playing on the LCD screen for everyone to see. Then I found out it was their grand opening that day. Lucky to be one of the first customers to have dined at their branch there!


At first glance, I thought they were just another pseudo-burger joint with overpriced commodities. I’m glad I was proved wrong after being served with my well-prepared Beef Burger Deluxe– big-ass and luscious burger patty, thick portion of cheddar cheese, fresh and generous slices of tomato, cucumber and lettuce. There’s also their chili con carne and their special sauce. I tried their Spicy Beef Burger, and it’s also good!

bodato3-2082146Beef Burger Deluxe – P139

I wasn’t really planning on reviewing the place, but I already have my camera with me so what the heck. Overall, it was a good dinner! I’ll definitely be dining here again given the chance next time. You try it, too! ????

bodato4-3755145Spicy Beef Burger – P89 (w/ Chili con Carne – P25)

RATING: 8/10

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