Calda Pizza Review

Calda Pizza Review

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20″ Quattro Stagione – P580

Calda Pizza– yet another Cebu classic! I remember it like it was yesterday- it was on the final night of our Cebu vacation last summer of 2010 where my friends and I roamed around Mango Avenue hoping to find that perfect hangout place. We eventually stumbled upon Calda with their monster-sized pizza of 36 inches, and yes, it did make our night. And who would have thought that almost a year later, 4 branches would already have invaded Manila!

Besides having their pizza on a humongous scale, they’re also quite tasty and affordable – with 28 flavorful variations ranging from P150 (basic 10″ Margherita) to P1,130 (four-flavored 36″ Quattro Stagione). They now boast 25 branches around Luzon, totaling to 54 around the country.

The one nearest to our place is the branch at Blueridge Katipunan- quite near Kopi Roti and Bannaple. The place is cozy and quiet, perfect for people who just want to hang out, talk, eat pizza and have a couple of drinks without the loud music generally present at the local bars. And yes, they also sell beer!

Not sure with the other branches, but I like how you can see your pizza prepared from scratch in the Katipunan branch’s see-through window. You can be confident your food is clean before you eat it. Speaking of, I should also remind you not to be too confident on fastfood restaurants. A friend of mine worked at McDonalds before and the stories he had to tell were just astounding! Long story short- what happens in the kitchen, stays in the kitchen. Haha.

They showcase inside the restaurant the boxes for their different pizza sizes (Regular 10″, Family 15″, XL 20″, Super 30″ and XtraSuper 36″) so that you’ll have an idea which to order. Oftentimes, we would order an XL – and that would already be enough for four food-deprived people (150 each).

Last I visited there wasn’t anything else to eat besides pizza here, but now that I look at their web site, I see they’ve added chicken and potato dishes on their menu as well. Will try it when I go here again soon!

So there you have it. Drop by Calda Pizza when you can! A great thin-crust pizza experience from Cebu totally different from the Pizza Hut, Greenwich and Shakey’s norm – all 36 inches of it!

RATING: 6.8/10

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