Eddie’s Kitchen Review

Unit D, NQN Bldg., Cavaliers Village Entrance, Sumulong Highway, Antipolo City

Tel. No. (+632) 219 42 36

Business Hours: Sun-Thurs 10am-10pm, Fri-Sat 10am-11pm

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Slowly but surely, awesome foodie places are now popping up one after the other here in Antipolo. This is great because if this continues, then we’ll soon have our own Lilac St. and won’t have to go to Marikina anymore! No offense to the establishments in Lilac- I still love you guys. It’s just that sometimes you’d want something nearer. That said, let me introduce you to one of the new names in the scene: Eddie’s Kitchen!

A restaurant-bar-cafe that offers American and Italian cuisine in a nutshell, Eddie’s Kitchen has quite a wide selection of captivating dishes in their menu, all of which boast of using fresh ingredients procured daily, and at the same time they are skillfully prepared by their veteran chefs.


Italian Nachos – P145 | Chicken Fingers – P115 | Buffalo Wings – P255

The Italian Nachos is something new to my palate- different, but good. Basing from the name, I was expecting a pizza-esque taste but it was far from it. Instead, I was greeted by a minty and leafy taste of basil and reduced cream with marinara (as it was explained to me after). Apparently, this is an original of their chef so it’s something the gastronomically adventurous should try.

Chicken Fingers are A-okay! Crispy on the outside, juicy and soft on the inside, and most importantly, the serving is big despite it only being P115. The garlicky mayo sauce that comes with it matches up pretty well.

One of my personal favorites: their Buffalo Wings! No kidding- it’s one of the better ones I’ve had. It definitely has that soury taste of authentic Buffalo Wing recipes. The chicken meat is cooked to ‘almost’ perfection due to it being uber-soft and juicy while retaining a crunchy breading, and the serving is big too. When I’m coming back here, there’s a 110% chance I’ll be ordering this again.

Sicilian Salad – P185 | Mozzarella Sticks – P185 | Tomato Cream Soup – P75

Not really a veggie guy, but the Sicilian Salad was a nice touch to our appetizers. It’s described to be southern Italian served with grilled chicken, grapes, mangoes and candied nuts laid over a bed of fresh lettuce.

The Mozzarella Sticks is another favorite! Let’s not kid ourselves here- who doesn’t like uber-yummy breaded sticks of melted cheese, right? Add a heaven of tangy salsa to the concoction and you’ll have the perfect appetizer, pulutan and/or comfort food.

Tomato Cream Soup was ordered by a friend so I only got to taste test it. I’m a mushroom soup and clam chowder soup type of guy after all. But yes, it’s good. And if I like it despite not being a total tomato boy, I bet those who have a knack for the red fruit will appreciate it more.


Baby Back Ribs Half Slab (Hot & Spicy) – P375 | Baby Back Ribs Full Slab (Bourbon) – P735

On to the main event! (Well at least for me hehe.) Their prices are average if compared to the big-named brands that specialize on ribs, but theirs are a work of art that deserves praise nonetheless. The meat is soft and succulent but the core taste will depend on what flavor you will order. The Bourbon exudes a balanced mix of sweet, smokey and barbecuey taste with its special sauce while the Hot & Spicy variant actually isn’t painful to eat- just the right amount of spiciness that everyone can enjoy.


Mixed Sausage Pasta – P215 | Seafood Marinara Pasta – P225

Those who don’t like too much flavor on their meal might appreciate the Mixed Sausage Pasta as it’s filled with fresh ingredients with a mild taste: olive oil, garlic, onions, sun-dried tomatoes and slices of three types of sausages. In contrast to that, the Seafood Marinara Pasta is instead a delectable dish featuring intense flavors from both garden and sea. It’s considered to be Eddie’s bestseller.


Half-Pounder Burger – P265

If you’re in for an ultra-heavy meal, then put away that menu and just order their Half-Pound Burger. I’m not kidding- it’s ginormous as hell! I regret not having taken a picture with it so you guys can have a basis for size. Half-pound makes me imagine two Mcdonald’s Quarter Pounders but it looks even bigger in real life. It sports a massive juicy patty, double melted cheese, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and chipotle sauce on oatmeal buns and then served with sweet potato fries. You might wanna share this with a friend or two.


Philly Cheese-steak Pizza | Garlic Shrimp Pizza – P345

I’d hate to compare, but to make you have an idea, their thin-crust pizza eerily looks and feels like Shakey’s. Only the look and texture though as the taste and quality is a whole different matter. They were pretty generous with the Philly Cheese-steak’s beef bits while the Garlic Shrimp Pizza totally reminded me of Yellow Cab’s (only more garlic, less shrimp here). I’m not gonna go to Eddie’s mainly for pizza, but it is a great choice of side dish to be paired with the other potential main entrees.


Salisbury Steak – P225 | Fish Fillet (Blue Marlin) – P265 | Beef Salpicao – P295

A quick, belly-filling and affordable meal? You go for their rice meals. The burger patty is of the same quality with their burger sandwich, but their original gravy recipe, egg (sunny side up or scrambled) and veggies are enough of a difference to order this even if you’ve already tried their hamburger.

The Fish Fillet has a generous serving of both tender Blue Marlin meat and and fresh fruit salsa- mom definitely enjoyed this one. As for the Beef Salpicao, it may be just a bad batch but it was chewy so I had a bit of a hard time chowing down on this meal. Perhaps make a heads up to the cook when ordering this.


House Blended Iced Tea | Chocolate Ganache Cake – P135 | Taho Cheesecake – P120

No special words for House Blended Iced Tea- is what it is. The Chocolate Ganache cake is a sweet yummy treat full of chocolaty and caramel goodness, although maybe too sweet for my tastes as I would not have been able to finish it had there not be two others to share it with. But I digress.

The winner in originality for desserts would be the Taho Cheesecake- another invention by Eddie’s Kitchen it seems. The main component is actually soya, on top lies the sago and arnibal, and the bottom comprises a cookie-esque foundation that holds together the delicacy. It didn’t have a big wow factor or a captivating allure, but just having to experience something new and creative makes ordering it worth it already.

Eddie’s Kitchen is located along Sumulong Hiway, precisely along the road going to Antipolo if you’re climbing from down below like Masinag (Marcos Hiway), Cogeo or Marikina. Just search their name or Cavaliers Village in Google Maps and it’ll pop up quick. Parking in front of the building is limited (around 5 I think) but I am told it is allowed to park inside the village. Seating capacity is around eight groups of four. Air-conditioning is decent, they have free WiFi, and the staff are attentive and hospitable. Glasses of water are quickly refilled even without notifying the waiters.

They also have an events place on top of the building- one indoors and one outdoors. Both areas combined, I am told they can simultaneously cater to around a hundred people and more. Weddings, birthdays and business meetings were already held here. Just contact them via the info I provided above to know more.

RATING: 8/10

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