Final Fantasy XIV – Zurvan (Extreme) Guide

Final Fantasy XIV – Zurvan (Extreme) Guide

I was a bit surprised that the last battle for the Warring Triad questline, Zurvan The Demon, is a bit of a letdown. It’s certainly easier to clear if compared to the previous battles of Sephirot the Fiend and Sophia the Goddess. The music, too, is a tad bit average due to the song having utilized a lesser variety of instruments and no vocals. But despite all that, the fight is still pretty cool and fun to do overall! Here we go:


Metal Cutter: Frontal cone AoE, stay away from tank area.

Circular Fire AoEs: Typical attack, dodge before it explodes on the floor.

The floors will drop, having East first, then North, then West. It’s best to position the tank on south and the rest to the west to limit movement. Once the west floor glows, everyone moves to the south. No worries as there won’t be any more cleaves.


Soar: Three straight line AoEs from the center going outwards, then players will be marked with big circular AoEs. These circular AoEs will explode alongside another three straight line AoEs from the outside going in. Avoid stacking. You can assign clock positions here. Tanks and DPS will always be the only ones marked.

Soar will be followed by two markers:

Stack Marker on single player: everyone stack and share damage on this guy
Prey Marker on single player: gets away from everyone, and everyone must avoid this guy. Heal him after.

Biting Halberd: 270-degree conal damage. Get behind the boss.

Southern Cross: Ice AoE on positions of players when cast is finished. When you see the blizzard animation, move away to a clear open area- usually on flanks of boss because ice will spawn on tank area (north) and where everybody else is (south). Also avoid going to where the tank is to avoid getting cleaved.

Ciclicle: Outer area AoE. Get inside the arena.

Tail End: Inner area AoE. Get outside near the edge.

Demon’s Claw: Pushes main tank away. He must position himself at the arena’s center (if tanking mid) so he won’t be pushed all the way to the edge. Then an AoE line will appear between him and the boss, in which everyone must stack in the ff. order: off-tank first in front of boss, everyone else, then main tank.


1st Set: North (5)
2nd Set: West (2), South (Wile), East (Wit)
3rd Set: South (1), East (3), North (Wile), West (Wit)

The important part here is to kill the Wit first. Look away from the Wile’s Hysteria debuff.

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Red and Blue Tethers: players tethered together need to be close together. Damage and vulnerability up will be dealt if you get too far from each other (tether will turn to purple if you are).

Wave Cannon: Blue-marked player to go on side of boss’s hitbox with no people, everyone else avoid this guy.

Tyrfing: Multi-hit combo tank-buster. Use cooldowns and heal. Attack increased by one on each cast.

Broken Seal: Blue-marked players must eat ice meteors while red-marked players must go to fire meteors. This will be tricky as you still will be tethered at this point in time and must move in pairs.

Depending on the pillar formations in Broken Seal, the ff. attacks will follow:

Inner Pillars: Tail’s End (go to outer area)
Outer Pillars: Ciclicle (go to inner area)
Diamond-formation Pillars: Biting Halberd (get behind boss)

The mechanics repeat until he either dies or enrages. Good luck!

Dragoon / Melee POV Clear:


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