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Note: The review below was from their old location along Marcos Highway.

Following the new and must-visit Cookie Mug I posted awhile back, comes another unique place to try around the Antipolo-Marikina area: the Galaxy Freeze refreshment corner / ice cream parlor!

What’s unusual about the place is that they offer liquid nitrogen-frozen ice cream for cheap ranging from P99 to P120. They also offer P55 cookie snacks paired with liquid nitrogen in a cup which you can mix and eat for added fun (and risk.) A potentially dangerous place, but people like to live on the edge sometimes!

Solar Jiffy P55 / Galaxy Bomb P55 / Caramel Eclipse Ice Cream P120

Directions: Look for SM Masinag in Antipolo, go there, and cross to the opposite side using the overpass. Nearby commercial areas are a church, two furniture shops, and a salon on the first floor. See map above.

They can accommodate about to six groups of two to five inside, and two more groups outside. It’s cozy though and the theme is pretty interesting- galaxy and universe wallpapers on all walls accented by neon and blacklight-ish lighting. The receptionists were lively and hospitable as well. It’s a bit cramped though.

Here’s the menu. Be sure to read the fine print at the back before ordering anything!

At least the message still gets across despite some grammar and spelling issues? Haha.

The ice cream is ready to eat upon serving but do take caution when dipping the cookie snacks on liquid nitrogen as wrong handling of this unsafe substance can lead to dire consequences, like, from having cold burns up to having your stomach removed.

Science time! Just how is liquid nitrogen harmful to us humans?

1.) Extremely low temperature – because LN sits around -346°F and -320.44°F, prolonged exposure to the substance will cause cold burns on your body. Cold burns may not sound as harsh, but we’re basically talking about frostbite that can eventually lead to the amputation of the affected area.

Trivia: there’s this thing called the Leidenfrost Effect in which ‘a liquid, in near contact with a mass significantly hotter than the liquid’s boiling point, produces an insulating vapor layer keeping that liquid from boiling rapidly.‘ This is exactly why certain demonstrations like people dipping their arm in LN, blowing out a mouth-full of LN, or dipping a wet finger in molten lead can be done without the demonstrator being harmed.

2.) Massive volume expansion upon evaporation – at 68°F, LN will evaporate to gas 700 times its original volume. So no matter the case, LN WILL evaporate in open air after a short while. This is how a certain 18 year-old girl burst and lost her stomach after drinking a cocktail mixed with LN that hasn’t evaporated yet.

3.) Oxygen displacement – LN also acts as an asphyxiant where it reduces the oxygen concentration in the area. Not as fatal as the other two, but it can be potentially so in confined spaces. There was this instance of a party in Mexico where they poured LN to the swimming pool. See how the people got out to gasp for air.

BUT ANYWAY! Don’t misunderstand. I’m just pointing out the hazards of the LN and have no ill intent towards their business. In fact, I’d recommend it as a go-to place for people wanting to try something new.

Dip the cookie in the liquid nitrogen

Let it sit around for about 8 seconds, then eat

Eat, but don’t swallow! Remember me saying LN expands up to 700 times its original volume upon evaporation? Said process will happen as you chew the cookie, making it look like you’re smoking cigs, tobacco, weed, shi-sha or whatever. It’s fun and cold! Only swallow after the air pressure dissipates.

Thanks Chepot for the photo (right)!

Amidst the fun and excitement wrought by playing with cookies and liquid nitrogen, I have to point out that their ice cream is legitimately delicious. Three stacks of LN-frozen ice cream for P120 is pretty cheap, considering the pioneer who sells them for P500 per scoop.

Anyway, I hope this post has been insightful! Here’s their menu:

RATING: 7.6/10

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