A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante Review

A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante Review


Telephone No. 818 30 90

Business Hours: Mon-Sun, 11am-10:30pm

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Rochester’s original wood feu, Veneto Wood Fired Pizza & Pasta is located in the center of the East End on 318 East Ave Rochester and also has a branch of Veneto buffalo rd. Rochester, NY. The place (atmosphere/decor) is perfect for real foodies.

When we came we were welcomed immediately and then we were greeted by a beautiful environment as soon as you come through the door. The design and layout were perfect. After sitting, the waitress immediately came to our table. She was really polite and we learned that after she had served us for the duration of our visit she was in training. We would not have predicted that. Although the restaurant isn’t large, even without a reservation I never had a problem securing a seat. Right before the bar you can view the kitchen, which is amazing and you can witness pizza baked.

Veneto restaurant menu : 

I was astonished when I saw it initially by the wide menu and the attention to detail. The choice of wine was quite good. I went here a couple of times and tried a few different things. I noted that all the pizza Veneto menu had, regardless of whatever one you purchase, are well-made and wonderful. With the salads, it’s a hit-or-miss. On an inviting night in East Ave, we sat down at the window, enjoyed the scenery, and saw the tumult in the open kitchen as the cooks were cooking the food.

  • We started with a red house bottle from the local “Casa Larga” winery. The great companion to our wood-burning pizza, I had a terrific Greek salad, but here I also had a fairly poor chicken salad.
  • The same way is soups. You can only order the special soup from Veneto’s menu every day. The broccoli cheddar soup was good (although I didn’t have as hot a temperature as I would have wanted), but the 12 bean soup was just OK.
  • The Bruschetta was delicious and worth trying again. We also had a local Finger Lakes Riesling with the rustic pizza.
  • My friend got the chicken breast special with shitake champagne and truffle cream. The chicken was well cooked, juicy, and soft. The sauce was excellent! It’s not too rich, and seasoned well after that we tried The Fra Diablo that was fantastic – well balanced – fantastic – unforgettable and unusual.
  • Among the meats that were offered were the crispy ribs, hog, half chicken, standard ribs, and brisket.
  • Side foods were made of cheesy Cajun potatoes, smoked potato salad, fried and Cajun maize. Our combos had a lovely touch to the cornbread. Following taxes and tips, the total was about 50 dollars. I was disappointed at first, but it’s worth it! Half a chicken was a big serving. Literally, half a bird. The only component with any flavor is the skin, however, the flesh was quite juicy! Also nice are the normal ribs. The meat was delicious, and the sauce was spotless. It was quite tender.
  • The brisket is perhaps the largest I’ve ever tasted, among all the BBQ establishments in Rochester. They were really damp and delicate!!
  • My favorite of all sides was the delicious Cajun taters. They were crunchy and delicious, with a magnificent cheese saltiness. The Cajun maize was quite delicious. It was not outstanding, but I appreciated how easy it was and how effectively the meats were supplemented.
  • The fries were all right; they were fries after all. But the smoked potato salad is not recommended. It had a slender texture and flavored like a bowl of milk with potatoes.

Veneto restaurant menu for pizza and pasta:

A huge pizza selection is provided on Veneto’s menu. After our lunch, I looked back over the menu to see what Wood Fired Pizza Rochester, NY had to offer so I can also bring something home as well. Their traditional Margherita was topped by fresh mozzarella and basil and Commodore, the rustic with the Italian sauce, peppers, caramelized onions, Provolone, mozzarella and asiago, Commodore sauce with Italian sausage, green peppers and onions, Provolone, mozzarella and Rustic, and Commodore sauce, with sauce topped by Italian sausage. Also available were pasta and entertains such as Prosciutto and Peas Alfredo. Farfalle pasta swirls with prosciutto and peas in a parmesan cream sauce, and Marsala Chicken In a Marsala wine cup, angel hair pasta is served with sautéed Shiitake and Portobello mushrooms.

Italian Sausage Parmigiana – 275 PHP

 Moreover, Veneto’s pizza is wonderful, but their pasta food is amazing!!! Farfalle and Prosciutto Alfredo are two of our favorites in vodka sauce and Farfalle. Wonderful. There Steak Salad was wonderful as well. On the side, I Ordered the Prosciutto Wraps or the Eggplant Fritters, if you’ve got a place for a dresser. They always have excellent specials.

Prices and ingredients in Veneto:

All the ingredients were fresh and home-cooked meals had a comfortable scent. The chefs carefully select high-quality ingredients. The restaurant offers a wide selection of the top wines in the region, which are expensive but worth trying. A large selection of wines is available. The cost was $19 for the macaroni. I had a side salad ahead of me. Salads are additional, 8 dollars, or 9 dollars, I was told to ask. For a small glass of wine, it cost 9 dollars. The costs were moderate compared to the variety and quality. They sold more than 17 dollars of pizza. We have yourself a great supper with a good glass of wine and some crusty bread from the Martciello Bakery. Good food, service, and a pleasant environment!

The following is the service:

The service was adequate but not outstanding. They refused, albeit we were there on Monday with virtually no other customers in the restaurant, to provide us separate cheques and also two cheques for three persons. “It wouldn’t be possible for the system,” he stated. Before I went, I had been anxious about parking, but places were in front, across the road, and a lot of pay was next door. When we arrived the waitress went out from the entrance to an outside table and welcomed us and told us that we were sitting inside. The waiters had the great pleasure and we were extremely satisfied with the timing. Monday is closed, but open every week from 4 p.m. until 9 p.m.

After that motivational symposium of entrepreneurs organized by Startup PH held at Microsoft’s office in Ayala, me, Ungri, and Dennis ran across an old friend while in the area- the Italian restaurant A Veneto Napoli Pizzeria Ristorante. Thus a late yet belly-busting dinner commenced!

All Meat Pizza 16″ – 580 PHP

An old friend because it was my family’s go-to place for Sunday family dinners when it still had a branch right across Eastwood City. I remember whenever there’s a celebration- be it Christmas or someone’s birthday, the fam-bam would usually eat here or order out. Eventually, the branch closed so we weren’t able to eat A Veneto anymore as the next nearest branches would be in Silver City, Trinoma and Glorietta- places we don’t usually go nor have easy access to, so yeah.

Mussel Sauce Parmigiana – 260 PHP

Strolling around Ayala Triangle after the event, I was pleased to see a branch of A Veneto there. I suddenly became hungry and urged my friends to have a quick stop here before going home. Thankfully, they had no qualms on eating here so we went in and ordered up after having looked at the menu.


My all-time favorite here (as well as my family’s) would be the Mussel Sauce Parmigiana– red sauce Italian pasta uber-rich in tomato, melted mozzarella cheese, and baked mussels sided with tasty and fluffy garlic bread. For some, it’s kinda weird, yes? Well, it was for me at first. But somehow I got hooked on it after the first bite and it’s been my favorite ever since! Give it a chance and maybe you’ll end up just like how I did.

One order of pasta is already good for two to three persons, and the same goes for their 16″ pizzas. No need to be picky for their pizza flavors, as what they have are usually the ones you’d see in any Italian restaurant or fast-food chain serving pizza- various combinations of meat, bacon, vegetables, seafood, cheese toppings, etc. Nothing out of the ordinary. Two orders of pasta, 16″ pizza, and bottomless drinks for you and three of your friends would equal to 345 PHP each. Not bad for this pseudo-authentic and yummy experience!

Bottomless Softdrinks – 70 PHP


This restaurant is becoming famous day by day as I had a wonderful experience of eating a delicious meal in general. Loved the personal space that old look, old floors, and all the vibes. On this hidden gem, we had a lovely day and will come again and promote it to our friends! I strongly hope this facility will prosper for a long time as a city center restaurant!

RATING: 8.4/10

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