GTA 4 Parachute Cheats【100% Working】

GTA 4 Parachute Cheats

If you are returning to Liberty city for another visit, then a collection of GTA 4 cheats will help you to clear all ridiculousness or make your path clear through the story. It has a number of options, including raising or lowering unwanted levels, unlocking all weapons, and spawning a helicopter. 

How to enter cheats in GTA 4? 

Bring up Nico’s phone and enter the specific number or cheat code. It is a much simpler way, you don’t face the risk of being charged into traffic or punching someone into the street. It is customary to note that you will get a “cheats code activated” confirmation message when the code is successfully activated. 

GTA 4 Code For Parachute

The game was introduced by Niko Bellic, who was the Serbian scoundrel. gta 4 parachute cheat pc was first taken by Rockstar games to take the craziness of previous games and to get a new title in the franchise. It has a more stable storyline and interesting features than other games in the franchise. you have to survive on the mean streets of Liberty city instead of stealing jet packs from secret government facilities. It was the first-ever game that gave Niko a phone to keep in touch with other characters. you can use in-game phones to interact with features and enter cheat codes. Bring up your phone, dial the specific cheat code to enable cheats in-game.

The gameplay was seen almost in driving. It is present in just ” The Ballad Of Gay Tony” expansion. If you wanna get it then call 359-555-7272 number from the dial of the game. After this procedure, you will be able to request from the cheats menu on your phone. 

GTA 4 codes include: 

Name  Effect  Code
Parachute Spawns a Parachute for your character 359-555-7272
Spawn Bullet GT  Spawn Bullet GT in front of players  227-555-9666
Spawn Floater  Spawn Buzzard helicopter in front of players  938-555-0150
Spawn parachute  Spawn parachute for the player.  359-555-7272

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Full health and armor: 

Enter “3625550100” on the dial pad of your phone. This code will also repair your vehicle. This code prevents the “Cleaned The Mean Streets” “One Man Army” and “Finish him” achievements from being earned. 

Weapon tier 1: 

Put “4865550100” on the dial pad and call it. This code will unlock a baseball bat, shotgun, RPG, sniper rifle, MP5, M4, handgun, and grenades. It prevents ” Cleaned The Mean Streets” achievement from being earned. 

Weapon tier 2:

Dial “4865550150” on your phone. This will unlock the knife, handgun, shotgun, RPG, AK47, Uzi, Molotov, cocktails, and sniper rifles. This prevents the same achievement as Weapon tier 1 prevents. 

Remove Niko’s Wanted Level; 

The code for it is “2675550100”. This code prevents “One Man Army” and “Walk Free” achievements from being earned. 

Add One Star To Niko’s Level; 

To add one star to Niko’s level dial “2675550150” on your phone. 

Spawn Annihilator Police helicopter: 

Dial “3595550100” on the phone. The Annihilator is furnished with rockets. This code prevents “One Man Army”and “Walk Free” achievements. 

Spawn comet:

you have to dial the “2275550175” code to the dial pad of your phone. 

Spawn Jetmax: 

To get it you have to dial “9385550100” on your cell phone. 

Change Weather And Brightness:

If you wanna change Weather and Brightness then put “4685550100” on the dial pad of the phone. This code requires ” The Lost And Damned” bonus. 

Bonus Weapons( ” The Lost And Damned ” DLC) 

To unlock the corresponding weapons, successfully complete the given tasks at your safehouse. 

Assault Shotgun: 

First, complete the 40 gang wars and the “heavy troll” mission. 

Automatic Pistols: 

Complete the 20 gang war to get it. 

Carbine rifles: 

you have to complete 30 gang wars if you want to get it. 

Grenade Launcher: 

Successfully completed 50 gang wars using a grenade launcher. 

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GTA 4 parachute cheat Xbox 360

GTA 4 was the deviation from the GTA franchise. At the time of its establishment, Rockstar was not inspired by Hollywood movie franchises but was inspired by Russian crime-based dramas. It was not that GTA 4 was dull but it was funny and sharp. Rockstar kept on struggling to include codes. The game changed the method to activate codes. Earlier, the player had combinations of some buttons to activate code but now they have mobile phones for the same. 

It can not be denied that the game has a fewer number of codes but it seems to be realistic. GTA 4 was launched on public demand but now has attained universal fame. In the gameplay, you need to save points to return once you are done.

  • First, save your game then use cheats. 
  • Rockstar games contain many different types of cheats. select one of your own choices 
  • After selecting cheats, you need to access Niko’sphone to activate the code as mentioned earlier. 
  • Now press UP to use the phone. 
  • Then activate the cheats by dialing a special code, which is also a number of specific features.
  • Once you enter the whole code, call the number you put on the keyboard or dial pad.
  • By following these instructions you can successfully activate the cheats, you will also get notification of confirmation. 

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PlayStation 3 cheats

GTA 4 is available on PS3, not on PS4. It does not contain parachutes at any console or pc. GTA 4 and DLC expansion later released The Lost And Damned which also does not give parachutes. Last but not least, the DLC expansion is the only one in the EPISODE FROM LIBERTY CITY that provides parachutes. But if you need that then many online websites are available, you can find not only parachutes but also other fun stuff of this game 

Some PlayStation 3 cheats codes for GTA4 are listed here 

Spawn a Turismo 277-555-0100
Banshee 265-555-2423
Feltzer 662-555-0147
Change weather 468-555-0100
Presidente 265-555-2423
Armour 362-555-0100
Song information 948-555-0100
Spawn a Sanchez 625-555-0150 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the money cheats in GTA 4? 

Grand Theft Auto 4 does not contain money cheats. Its previous games contain money cheats like San Andreas and Vice City. This feature is not present in GTA 4 and GTA 5 also.

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Can you get a Lamborghini in it? 

Yes, you can get a Lamborghini in GTA 4, which is actually an inference vehicle in-game. It has no cheat code to spawn, but Brucie will give you as a gift in the story.

Can you play it on the PlayStation 4? 

Nope, you can not play on PS4. You can just play it on PS3. It is also available on PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Yet, there is no information provided to play it on PS4.

What is the cheat to spawn a tank in GTA4? 

The tank in this game is known as ‘APC’ you can spawn them by calling the 277-555-8265 code on Niko’s phone 

How do you spawn a parachute in GTA 4? 

The parachute is only present in “The Ballad Of Gay Tony”. To achieve it, click the dial pad of the in-game cell phone and call 359-555- 7272 number 

Is there a Jetpack in this game?

There is no Jetpack in gta 4. you can use mode to get it. These modes can be found in ” GTA INSIDE” and “GTA GARAGE” and many other websites.

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