Pokemon Leaf Green Cheats [GameShark Codes 2023]

pokemon leaf green cheats

Cheats in any game help you attain the features, and things are not available and reachable easily. Therefore, cheat codes have become very popular among players and gamers in recent times. They have vividly provided excellent fun factor and thrill in various games as it effectively reduces the stress of getting things done in a usual way.

With the Pokemon leaf green legendary all cheat codes mentioned in this article, you will be able to enjoy different lead features, including cheats code to teleport across the map, Pokemon leaf green Pokeball cheat, cheat code to have an unlimited number of master balls, Pokemon leaf green cheats for unlimited money, Pokemon leaf green cheats all three starters, and many more.

Things to Consider while Activating the Cheat Codes:

You can add the cheat codes in the cheat menu of your emulator and then activate whatever cheat code you want to apply from there. It is also essential that you deactivate the cheat code once you are done using it and run only one or two cheat codes at a particular time. Along with directly entering the cheat codes into the menu of your emulator, you can also use GameShark or Action Replay, as most of the players do. But you can also run the Pokemon leaf green cheats without GameShark if you want to.

Make sure that you save the game and its progress before adding any cheat, as it might help save your saved data of the game from corrupting away in case of any problem in the code. With the game’s saving before activating the cheat code, it is also essential that you check that the cheat is working correctly before you save your game again.

As the game has developed many versions, not every cheat needs to work in each game version. So, check if the particular cheat code works for your game version or not before activating or saving it.

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Using Emulators Cheat Codes in Pokemon Leaf Green:

Most of the emulators used by the gaming community these days come with their own cheat codes menu. So the only thing you have to do is select the cheat codes you want to use from this article or whatever authentic source from the internet and add them into the menu of your emulator.

Then, save the cheat codes and activate them whenever you want to. You can also plug your GameShark device into your Gameboy advance to use the GameShark cheat codes while playing Pokemon Leaf Green.

Cheat codes for Pokemon Leaf Green:

In this article, we have brought you all the Pokemon leaf green V1.1 cheats that will help you experience the leads of great things that generally take a lot of time and effort. Even though you don’t have this version, you don’t have to worry. Still, most of the cheat codes will work for you, while there is no guarantee that all of them will do. You can easily play the leveled-up version of your game by activating these cheat codes without the grind, skipping the challenging phases.

If you are using an android phone for playing this game, you should consider using MyBoy GBA Emulator and if you are using a PC, consider using mGBA or VBA.

Below is a long list of different cheat codes that will help enhance your gaming experience while playing Pokemon LeafGreen.

Rare Candy Cheat:

Pokemon leaf green cheats for rare candy will help you upgrade any of your Pokemon to whatever level you want with just a simple code.  This is a very effective cheat code to level up your game whenever you want.

Following is the rare candy cheat code that you will have to add to your GameShark device or the cheat menu of your emulator to get the cheat code working in your game while playing on a PC.

  • 820258400044

After entering this cheat code, activate it whenever you want to have an unlimited amount of rare candies in your Pokemon LeafGreen.

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Unlimited Masterballs Cheat:

Master Balls are an essential and factor and guaranteed way for catching the Pokemons. But the problem is that there is only one master ball in the game that means that you only have one chance to catch a Pokemon. However, with the help of the below-mentioned code, you will get unlimited master balls that mean unlimited shots at catching Pokemons.

The cheat code for unlimited master balls is;

  • 820258400044

Even if your PC inventory says you have no more master balls, you can still take out master balls when this cheat code is activated.

Cheat Code for Catching Opponents Pokemon:

If you like your opponent’s Pokemon more, you can catch it easily with the help of this cheat code. This is a code of GameShark v3 but can also be enabled as an Action Play code.

Once you have added and activated the cheat code before entering into battle with the opponent, press the L and R key together several times and then throw your Pokemon.

  • 4D83B1BFE0F5F507
  • 8E883EFF92E9660D
  • B6C5368A08BE8FF4
  • 90B4977C C0151DC2

As there is a chance that you might catch a rotten egg while trying to steal your opponent’s Pokemon, save the game first to ensure that you can continue if you catch any rotten egg while using the cheat code.

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Cheat Codes for Unlimited Money:

Along with other cheat codes, there are also cheat codes that will enable you to have infinite money in the Pokemon LeafGreen and Pokemon FireRed. For this, you will have to enter some code breaker cheat codes first that are not the usual GameShark codes.

The cheat codes for infinite money are;

Press the B button along with the start button.

  • 7400013003F5
  • 820257BC423F
  • 7400013003F5
  • 820257BE 000F

You can first enter these codes alone to check if they enable you to have infinite money in the game or not. If it is not enabled, you will have to enter some codebreakers codes first that are mentioned below;

  • 8300500061A1
  • 83005002 0A35

To activate these codes, you will first activate the RNG code and any other code. These RMG codes are used with various codes that are not capable of activation on their own. Now, load your saved game and look at your trainer card on the first screen. Press the B button to close the main menu. Make sure not to press the A button as it may crash your game. Now, press the button combination for the code you want you and save your game, then reset.

For GameShark v3 or Action Replay, you can use the following code to get infinite money in Pokemon LeafGreen;

  • 29C78059
  • 96542194

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Cheat Codes for Changing the Nature of Pokemon:

With these cheat codes, you will be able to change the nature of your Pokemon whenever you want. For this, you will have to enter a constant cheat code first, and then the code of the particular nature you want for your Pokemon will be added;

The constant code that comes in the first for the modification like your Pokemon is;

  • AA3BB0ED 41CD5D95

The code mentioned above comes in the first line, while the second line is the particular code that you will have to enter before going into the battle.

List of codes of different nature modifiers:


D0E34D66 5796A7D3


D73BC50A 5F47AA0E


E485844D 2F24038C


5EB8DEEE 692ED298


83286B46 6479AA98


35EB915F 08F33974


D4950A99 D729D80A


93F04759 F95753D9






34027F23 7E7E1599




B05B4CCD A0A1505B


909149AB 2DE8726A


31F62F82 D9A0C100


9A41D845 41B93FE6


D47DA721 6C3B9FFC


1A15BF1E E72650E4


5A7B2626 21ECD183


D593BF29 E18AAAE5


1BC372C9 06B4D17F


56F744B0 37E16732


E1EB2109 4480C28D


A2461E51 304137B6


0456554B 66D3AAF9

For example, to activate a sassy nature modifier, type the code in this way;

  • AA3BB0ED 41CD5D95 (First line-constant code)
  • D47DA721 6C3B9FFC (second line-particular code of nature)

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Cheat Codes for All 3 Starters:

Pokemon LeafGreen cheats for all three starters can be applied by using the following cheat code. The cheat code can only work when the game has already started;

  • 83000F9C 0000

You will have to follow a couple of steps with this cheat code to get all three starters in the game. The first thing you have to do is enter the cheat code and then turn it off. Wait behind the bushes till Prof. Oak takes you to the lab to select the Pokemon, select the Pokemon of your choice. When it will be time to give the nickname to the Pokemon, enter the cheat code again and move to the next Pokemon without responding and turn off the cheat. Keep on repeating the process till you have got all three starters.

Cheats for Walk Through the Walls:

If you are looking for Pokemon LeafGreen cheats to walk through the walls, the below-mentioned cheat code might be the one for you. It will enable your Pokemon to walk through the walls;

  • 7881A409
  • E2026E0C
  • 8E883EFF
  • 92E9660D

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 Cheat Codes for Infinite EXP:

Following are some Pokemon leaf green EXP cheats that will help you gain 9999 EXP points in the game.

  • 82000060270F
  • 82022D48270F
  • 82022F7C270F
  • 8202309C270F
  • 820241F0270F

After entering the cheat code, you will have to walk in the wild and fight with any random Pokemon. You will gain the EXP immediately once you have won the battle. Moreover, your Pokemon will also level up a couple of times. To stop this, you will have to disable the cheat code.

Cheat Code for No Random Battle:

To avoid any random battle while playing the game, enter and activate the following cheat code;

  • B505DB41 6E39EA4E

Cheat Code for All Badges:

If you want to gain all the badges in the Pokemon LeafGreen game, enter the below-mentioned cheat code;

  • EFCE867D
  • 5403D40D

To activate this cheat code, you will have to enter and leave a door or a building almost five times. After doing this, check if you have gained all the badges.

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Cheat Code for Shiny Pokemon:

To obtain a shiny Pokemon while playing the game, use this cheat code;

  • A74320F4175B5B22
  • 18452A7DDDE55BCC
  • 7FE56658F483AC73
  • F8B8373C BAB2B56F

Cheat Code for Wild Pokemon Modifier:

Before entering a particular cheat code, you will have to enter a master code in the first line. The master code is;

  • 0000BE99000A
  • 1003DAE60007

Now, enter the following particular cheat code of the Pokemon that you want after the mastercode;

  • 83007CEE0001 = Bulbasaur
  • 83007CEE0002 = Ivysaur
  • 83007CEE0003 = Venusaur
  • 83007CEE0004 = Charmander
  • 83007CEE0009 = Blastoise
  • 83007CEE000A = Caterpie
  • 83007CEE000B = Metapod
  • 83007CEE000C = Butterfree
  • 83007CEE000D = Weedle
  • 83007CEE000E = Kakuna
  • 83007CEE000F = Beedrill
  • 83007CEE0010 = Pidgey
  • 83007CEE0011 = Pidgeotto
  • 83007CEE0012 = Pidgeot
  • 83007CEE0013 = Rattata
  • 83007CEE0019 = Pikachu
  • 83007CEE0005 = Charmeleon
  • 83007CEE0006 = Charizard
  • 83007CEE0007 = Squirtle
  • 83007CEE0008 = Wartortle

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Cheat Codes for Legendary teleport Locations:

This cheat code works in Action Replay, and each location has its separate cheat code, which is;

  • Mt. Ember (Moltres) = 23ADAABA A9000BEB
  • Power Plant (Zapdos) = EA5BB107 05E634BB
  • One Island (Mewtwo) = A6A339F5 FC0ADC79
  • Seafoam Islands (Articuno)= BC4AFF82 6C4609A2

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Although cheat codes provide a relatively fun experience, if you like to face challenges on your own with a thrilling game experience, you might want to play the game without cheat codes. These cheat codes can help you boost up your Pokemons and levels in no particular time, and you can enjoy all the higher-level perks without having to reach them authentically.

The Pokemon leaf green cheats mega stone can help you get unlimited features that might enhance the whole fun factor in your gaming experience. But make sure to follow all the guidelines and instructions of every cheat code to have better results and avoid problems while playing the game. Pokemon LeafGreen is very famous for its cheat codes and cheating factor. Therefore, the above-discussed cheat codes can help you attain the desired features you want while playing your Pokemon LeafGreen.


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