Pokemon Fire Red Cheats [All Gameshark Codes]

Pokemon Fire Red Cheats

Pokemon fire red is a classic game that is why this game has still acquired the attention of gamers. This amazing game is very interesting and has different levels. Every gamer wants to get to the upper level of Pokemon fire red. Those who play the game regularly, want to reach the top level. Some players want to become the best by playing the game fairly whereas some want to be the best by using cheat codes.

In this article, you will get to know about the cheat codes of Pokemon fire red. By applying these cheat codes while playing this game, you can get to the top easily and fastly. It does not matter which version of the game you have. Whether it is GameShark, GBA emulator, or cartridge. There are cheat codes for all the versions, these will help you to progress faster in the game by enjoying every moment.

About Pokemon Fire Red

You might be familiar with Pokemon Go. That game was very much popular among gamers who like to go on an adventurous journey to find pokemon for them. Coming back to Pokemon fire red, this game is an advanced version of Pokemon Red. Pokemon Red was very much in talk among gamers who have Game Boy consoles.

As the pokemon cartoons were a commercial hit among children, similarly the game version acquired a lot of popularity and attention of gamers. Even the critics could not hold them to admire this game. The Pokemon Fire Red game got released in 2004 which makes it an old game. In the start, gamers had access to Game Boy consoles which are not available in the market anymore.

As technology is advancing every day, GBA emulators replaced these game consoles. If you are playing Pokemon Red on your computer system then, emulators are the right choice for you to enjoy this game. If you are fond of playing games on your smartphone then, the My Boy emulator can help you play the game conveniently.

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Pokemon Fire Red Cheats

Here is the list of cheats available.

Cheat Code
Faster leveling 72024A64 0001
82024BEC 01F4
Infinite PP 42023C08 6363
00000002 0002
Infinite cash 82025838 104E
8202583A E971
Infinite items 42025C96 0063
00000014 0004
No random battles A202166E FF00
820255AC 0000
Get all pokéballs 420259D8 0001
0001000C 0004
420259DA 5212
0000000C 0004
Get all badges 8202658C FFFF
Get the National Pokédex 3202461F 00B9
32026590 0001
82026644 6258
Complete the Pokédex 4202462C FFFF
0000003C 0002
42025BA0 FFFF
0000001A 0002
42028FC0 FFFF
0000001A 0002

Cheats for upgrading Pokedex 

Upgrading the Pokedex is the first cheat that you should know as a player of this game. This is not an easy thing to enable the cheat for upgrading Pokedex. It is more difficult than Pokemon Fire red cheats Walk through walls. To upgrade your Pokedex, it is required to collect sixty pokemon and only then, you can jump to other things towards upgrading.

The story should also be finished by you if you want to upgrade the Pokedex. Now, if you have finished the story and collected the required amount of Pokemon then, it is time to go to the professor to get the National Pokedex. Now, as you have upgraded your Pokedex, you can transform your Pokemon to an advanced form. Just like you might have seen in the animated series when a Pokemon gets a transformation. It turns out to be more powerful and bigger. Plus, the biggest advantage of upgrading Pokedex is that you can explore new locations as well. Exploring new locations will allow you to look for new Pokemon and capture them to increase your collection. In this way, you will get better and better in the game.

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Cheats for upgrading trainer cards

Another interesting and beneficial cheat code is upgrading your trainer cards. Pokedex cheat has its importance but upgrading trainer cards is more enjoyable for you as a gamer. The best thing about this one is that you can apply this cheat four times during a game. As there are some conditions for upgrading Pokedex similarly, there are conditions with this one as well.

You need to finish the story of the game. While playing mini-games, it is mandatory to score at least 200 points. You must have to catch almost 150 Pokemon to complete the challenge. You need to finish the national Pokedex that you got from the professor’s place.

To upgrade your trainer cards, these mentioned tasks are compulsory to be completed. The one thing on your side is that you can select any one from them and complete it first. So, good luck with that and your progress in the game.

Cheats for finding secret items 

When you have got the item finder in the Pokemon Fire Red game, you can get access to different locations whether new or old. With the help of an item finder, you can easily find those spots where different characters have visited. With the help of this cheat, you can find out items in the game that are secret and not easy to find.

The tricky thing is that you need to find out the exact spot where a character has put his/her feet before. You will not be able to find secret things if you will miss the spot. The item finder can only help you in finding secret things once you are standing right on the exact spot.

For example, to find out the previous spots, cheats can help you in some ways. If you are looking to find Macho Brace, you can get this in the gym of Virrian which was the last location of Giovanni. You can discover Leftovers in the last location of Snorlax near the Silence Bridge. If you want to discover SacredAsh, you can find this one at the Navel Rock. Last but not least, to find the Soothe Bell, go to the last location of Mr. Fuji inside the Pokemon tower.

GameShark codes for Pokemon Fire Red

Playing this game is a fun activity for many players and many of them like to play without applying any cheat codes. You will see some players will start the game and they will be playing excellently without using any cheat codes. After playing some levels, they will apply cheat codes not for they are finding the game difficult but only for fun. For example, Pokemon Fire Red cheats walkthrough walls can make the environment funny.

If you are someone who plays the game to get to the top level. Then, you will always be applying cheat codes to get a better position in the game. To upgrade the level of your Pokemon, you can use the Rare Candy cheat. This will increase the performance level of your Pokemon and you will be winning the contests while playing the game.

Similarly, let’s say that you are trying your level best to capture a legendary Pokemon but you have not caught it. Capturing a legendary pokemon is not as easy as it seems to be. The stats of your Pokemon should be matching that whom you want to capture. Now, as you have tried capturing the legendary Pokemon but have not got any success. You might want to try a cheat code that could help. Pokemon Fire Red cheats master ball can help you in capturing a legendary Pokemon.

There are cheat codes available to meet your favorite Pokemon. Plus, you can also apply cheat codes to change the nature of a Pokemon. Doesn’t it sound interesting that with the help of cheat codes, you can play the game as you want to? There are some instructions on how to apply cheat codes while playing the game. So, stay tuned.

Entering GameShark codes

Entering the cheat codes depends on the emulator you are using to play the game. Some emulators allow adding the cheat codes in a very simple way. Just like selecting the cheat code from the menu and applying it by a simple copy and paste. The only thing you need to know is that you must be familiar with the working of that particular cheat code.

The recommended practice for cheat codes is that, do not use them until there is a requirement of using them. There is a chance that if you keep using the cheat codes then, the game might misbehave and you may have to start it again. Before applying any cheat code, you must save your game to avoid losing the level that you have passed with hard work.

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Cheat codes can help in getting maximum stats for Pokemon

Every Pokemon has different strength, size, and stat levels. To get the best performance of your Pokemon, you need to select your Pokemon after having a look at its stats. Every pokemon is not the best fit in every scenario. You will be glad to know that you can increase the performance of your Pokemon by increasing its stat levels. For this purpose, you need to be patient as this can not be done for all your pokemon at the same time.

Now, there is a chance that you might not be wanting to increase the stat levels of all your Pokemon. So, you can choose and increase the stat levels of those who you think should perform better. For example, let’s say that Snorlax is your Pokemon and you want to increase its speed as it is fat and lazy. This is a good choice, as it will help your pokemon to react faster and dodge attacks that can take you out of the game.

Cheat code for the safari zone 

Now, if you are not playing the game for the first time then, you might be frustrated by the limited time given to catch a Pokemon in the safari zone. This is the most teasing and annoying time while playing the game. Players are thankful for the cheat that stops the timer and lets you catch the Pokemon in unlimited time.

After applying this cheat, you need to take a spot in the grass and can slightly move your character. You can not move freely but can go in the left or right directions by tapping. With the help of tapping, you will be able to come near the wild Pokemon character. During this process, if the cheat is activated, the timer will not be ticking.

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Cheats for the Pokemon Fire Red

Cheat codes for this game can take you to higher levels. You will discover many adventures with the help of cheat codes. Some of the best-tested cheats for Pokemon Fire Red are discussed below:

Rare candy 

If you want to upgrade the level of your Pokemon then, the rare candy cheat code can help in going up a single level.

Master Ball 

The master ball cheat code helps you in capturing a Pokemon by throwing a master ball only a single time.

Walkthrough walls 

This cheat code helps the players to walk away anywhere while playing the game.

Wild Pokemon encounter 

By applying this cheat code, you can meet any Pokemon you want to meet.

Shiny Pokemon encounter 

Apart from meeting a wild Pokemon, you can apply this cheat code to make the Pokemon shiny.

Modifying level 

The best practice of using this code is with the encounter code. You can set the level of Pokemon that you meet.


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