Little Owl Cafe Review

65 Broadway Avenue, New Manila, Quezon City

Tel No. 501 20 36

Business Hours: Mon-Sun 9am-9pm

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Good news for E. Rodriguez Sr. regulars: there’s a new awesome foodie place on the block! Dubbed Little Owl, this humble yet bedazzling cafe-restaurant is a great place for all your gastronomic and social needs.

The long stretch of the street where it’s located is filled with quite a number of hospitals, universities and commercial sites. So to the people there who want to hang out with your friends and colleagues, need a place for a meeting, or if you’re just up for a nice meal and drink, no need to look further! Its homey minimalist interior invites the most relaxing of vibes. Paired with interesting dishes prepared by their skillful chefs and served by their hospitable crew, it’s hard not to go back.


Let’s take a stroll on the awesome food we had that day!

Salad & Eggs

Grilled Caesar Salad – P285, Fluffy Egg White- P220

The greens in the salad are of high-in-nutrients romaine lettuce, flavorful arugula and crispy bacon lardons tossed in creamy Caesar dressing. You can’t go wrong with this one whether if this will be your appetizer for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Not a veggie person? You can try the Fluffy Egg White: served with feta cheese, pesto, arugula and fresh toast, it’s certainly a different take on your eggs.


Mixed Mushroom and Roasted Vegetables Toast – P250, Grilled Cheese Sandwich – P220

Don’t let the simple name fool you- the mixed mushroom and roasted vegetables toast is actually my top favorite among all of the dishes we had here! The toast is both soft AND crunchy (if that makes sense lol), and the uber-creamy scrambled egg pairs quite magnificently with the luscious mushrooms and other crispy veggies. You can tell everyone liked it as it was gone in just a few seconds. The Grilled Cheese Sandwich? It has quite a big serving- the highlight for this are the various cheeses used: cheddar, mozzarella and Gruyere. It’s served with some greens, fries and rich tomato dip.

Main Dishes

Shakshuka – P270, Thick Cut Bacon – P395

Shak-what!? Shakshuka- a rather odd and new name for many of us, that’s for sure. Originally of North African origin but made famous in Israel, it is the Middle East’s specialty where poached eggs are mixed with a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions, often spiced with cumin. It was very delicious! And exciting too since it was something new. But better eat this freshly cooked! It’s not very appetizing when cold. For the Thick Cut Bacon, I dare say nothing more because BACON! It’s served with two eggs, some greens and a choice of toast or rice. And they weren’t kidding when they said ‘thick’ lol.


Carbonara – P295, Pesto Pasta

Their carbonara is of the traditional recipe and not of the fastfood stuff we’re used to. Meaning, instead of the usual all-purpose cream, they use egg yolks for the sauce’s base. Adding bacon bits and yummy Parmesan cream into the mix, it becomes quite a delectable dish! The pesto pasta isn’t to be taken lightly either as it also uses fresh and authentic ingredients. Served with buttered toast, it is ultimately topped with two peeled shrimps entwined together for a gourmet-esque presentation.


Fluffy Banana Pancake – P220
Apple & Pecan Tart / Choco Tart – P130, Calamansi Tart – P120

The Fluffy Banana Pancake is not just a dessert, but a meal on its own! Two fresh banana fritas and three fluffy pancakes (fluffy thanks to egg whites in the mix) married together by their original and uber-yummy maple-flavored syrup. The pancakes are really fluffy like a pillow! Totally recommended. We also had three variants of their tarts. The Apple and Pecan Tart was the best for me. In my opinion, two people can already share one Choco or Calamansi tart as their tastes are too intense. One may find their taste buds worn out already after a few bites.


Green Sangria / Espresso Cocktail / Cafe Latte – P150, Orange Carrots & Ginger – P160

Surprisingly, they have a wide choice of drinks to choose from- ranging from different variants of hot coffee, espresso, juice, smoothies, sodas, and even cocktails! I was able to try a couple unique ones- the Green Sangria is a healthy alcoholic choice due to it being a green apple, cucumber, calamansi, soda, vodka and wine mix. The Espresso Cocktail is coffee with vodka, Caribbean rhum & amaretto. The Cafe Latte is their original blend, and the Orange, Carrots & Ginger is definitely the one for those running a healthy lifestyle. You may find yourself going back to Little Owl just to try out their uncommon selection of refreshments.

The Little Owl Staff X Food Bloggers!

RATING: 8.4/10

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