Maki Sushi Express Delivery Review

Maki Sushi Express Delivery Review

Love sushi and happen to reside in Makati and Manila? Here’s a treat for you: Mishi-Maki Sushi Express– quality homemade sushi made affordable! And when I say quality, I mean Japonica rice with generous amount of fillings made fresh-quality! They also deliver in places near Buendia, La Salle Taft and Guadalupe.

I was only able to know about them when I randomly stumbled upon their Facebook page (oh the good things curiosity begets us, huh?) And since my sister usually stays at her apartment in Makati most of the time, I had the sushi platter delivered to her place on the same day she was going back here at our Antipolo residence.

Here’s their menu:

So you choose how many pieces you want, and then decide what kind of sushi you want and how many each. Salmon maki/sashimi though is priced differently at P180 per 10 pieces.

How to place an order and how to get it:

Basically, you make an order online via Facebook or make a direct call to their mobile number (see above). Since they make it fresh, best time to place an order is a day before or at least 3-6 hours prior the pick-up or delivery time. Then it’s either you get your order at their pick-up points or have them delivered to your place.

The platter you see in the photos comprises of 150pcs. Assorted Maki with 20pcs. Salmon Maki, all for P1,340. Basing from the photo below, from left to right, they are: Californoia Maki, Futo Maki? (not sure haha), Salmon Maki, Maki Spam, Kani and Tofu Maki and Kani Sushi.

Personal tip: don’t dip the Maki Spam in Kikkoman unless you want to add an uber-salty punch to your roll. >.<

Anyway, they’re all REALLY good! Made with finesse (not in the least bit sloppy), tasty and fresh! All eight of us in the household at the time couldn’t finish the whole platter, but we’re very much content of dinner that time. I also have to say they give a charitable amount of Salmon despite each piece costing P18. Other maki would be P6 a piece. That’s actually cheap already. Comparing to Tokyo-Tokyo’s mini 4-piece Tuna Maki for P70, it’s a steal!

Alas, I can only take advantage of their food on certain occasions e.g. when my sister comes back to the house or if friends and colleagues are having a gathering in the south. To those living in Makati, lucky you!

Thing is, I’ve seen similar places opening along Marikina, and I’m quite curious in trying them out soon. I’ll keep you guys posted! For now, let me vouch for the sushi awesomeness we experienced at Mishi-Maki!

Here are more photos for you to drool over:

RATING: 8.7/10

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