My Futile Attempt at Making Sushi

When I woke up one Saturday morning with no plans or anything for the day, I suddenly randomly thought on trying making sushi and tamagoyaki (fried egg). Well, I have been craving for some tamagoyaki from Teriyaki Boy for some time now.


Later that afternoon, I went to Robinsons Metro East supermarket to buy the ingredients I needed:

    • Hotsa Crab Sticks for P38.00
    • Kikkoman Soy Sauce (150ml) for P47.00
    • Sunbest Wasabi Paste for P51.00
    • Mitsukan Hon Mirin for P134.00
    • Prime Fresh Japanese Rice (1 kilo) for P69.00
    • Spam Meat Jalapeno for P105.00
    • Eggs (12 pcs.) for P63.00
    • Smile & Health Nori for P80.00
    • Egg Frying Pan for P80.00
    • TOTAL of P667.00

Since I couldn’t get some salmon and tuna anymore, I had to make do withcrab sticks and spam. Upon getting home, I started the cooking experiment. Fun fact: when it comes to cooking, I only know of cooking rice and a selection of instant foods (if you can even consider that cooking), so I had no idea about what I’m doing lol. We did make sushi once for a friend’s birthday two years ago, but someone guided us from start to finish that time. I went to Google for refuge and found Smokywok’s tutorial on making Tamago Nigiri Sushi the best among the other recipes out there.


Doing the egg for Nigiri Sushi was the first challenge: rolling and folding the egg somewhat required speed and delicacy as to not break or burn the egg. I think I did okay for a first time, though. Maybe? I think? Yes? Haha.

Although I followed the instructions down to the last dot, I made a fatal mistake. I thought the bottle of something I bought was rice vinegar, but it turned out to be Mirin- a kind of sweet wine. That’s when everything derailed. The mixture of rice vinegar boiled with water, salt and sugar was supposed to make the rice sticky. Now it didn’t.

What happens when there’s no binding agent for the rice? It gets messy and they wouldn’t hold together, much to my disappointment. I still made an effort and did what I can, so yeah, here’s the result:


Messy and out of proportion are what they are. But hey, still experience, right? Haha. I’ll probably try having my revenge sometime soon. I don’t know what happened but the rolled egg sometimes also broke into pieces when I tried to layer them together. I guess there was a slight mishap in the egg folding part too.

And I even bought a special Japanese plate and sauce dish just for the occasion. It was supposed to make the masterpiece I had in mind bask in glorious tastefulness with it’s sleek red and black design, it instead housed and showcased these I-don’t-know-what-to-call-them-yet abominations lol!


I initially planned on making Nigiri Sushi, but since I’m doing it anyway, I decided to also make Kani Sushi (crab) and Spam Sushi as they pretty much require the same ingredients. I didn’t like the spam sushi though. The combination didn’t really taste all that wonderful. Salty spam rolled in salty nori then dipped in salty soy sauce made it REALLY salty. Maybe using ketchup would have fixed it? Hmm.


Anyway, my family said they liked it, but they’re just being nice! It was so-so for me.


In the end, I ran out of Japanese rice so I just put the leftover rolled eggs, crab stick and jalapeno spam on a separate plate. I gave my brother a share, ate mine, and put the rest on the fridge for my parents when they got back. Sad that my sister and her boyfriend weren’t home at the time to accompany me while cooking and give me tips real-time. Anyway, I shall get my revenge soon enough! Wait for it!

Have cooking tips for me here? Please do comment away below and I’ll really appreciate it!

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