Rub Ribs Review

Rub Ribs Review


Telephone No. 501 27 99 | 212 12 12

Business Hours: Mon-Sun, 11am-11pm

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I present to you the second most memorable ribs place for me since Rack’s– Rub Ribs & BBQ! I’ve been hearing a lot about this place lately from friends, and finally one of them invited me here for a quick dinner after work. The journey to Rub isn’t a walk in the park though, I suggest you read further to uncover our agonizing yet fulfilling adventure here!

Family Brunch Raki’s BBQ Ribs w/ 3 Sidings – 720 PHP

6PM– we met at GA Tower along EDSA just below MRT’s Boni Avenue Station. Apparently, Joal got out of the office around 7:30pm so we had to forfeit our 6:30pm reservation. Rub is just a street adjacent to Tomas Morato (Sct. Rallos) so it’ll be easy to find. To get to the Pasig branch, make a turn to Pioneer Ave. from EDSA, then to United St. until it becomes East Capitol Drive. When you see a barrage of restaurants and cars parked on the sidewalks along the last street, then you’re in the right place.

8pm– we drove by the Pasig branch first and saw the queuing lines on Rub Ribs & BBQ already hit the streets. Certain that we weren’t going to get our ribs there on time, we decided to go to the Tomas Morato branch.


9:30pm– We made it though we placed ten in the waiting list. I was surprised to see that even in this ungodly hour after dinner people are still lining up here, with others resorting to take outs so they won’t have to wait in line. Edward said that it’s always full so it’s a smart move to make a reservation beforehand. The waiter got our number and said that he’ll contact us when our turn is near.

That said, we lounged and walked around Tomas Morato, patiently tried to wait. James and I couldn’t hold our hunger so we just ate cup noodles from a street vendor, some smokes and drinks.


Having nothing to do anymore, we went back even though we haven’t been notified by the waiter yet. And what do you know, luck’s on our side! From number ten we immediately got promoted to fourth- I guess others just couldn’t wait the wait and just left. We got our table around 10pm and so of course we immediately ordered up per my friends’ recommendation: Raki’s BBQ Ribs, the dish we came here for.

Super Duo Raki’s BBQ Ribs w/ 2 Sidings – 370 PHP

Just by looking at the picture I probably don’t to be too descriptive in telling you how the ribs taste. Waiting for almost four hours for this was totally worth it! We’ll just have to be smarter the next time around so there won’t be any more waiting. So yeah, try the place out! The ribs are definitely a must-experience at least once.

In the end we ended up paying 280php each. Costing are as follows: Family Ribs (685 php) + Duo Ribs (370 php) + 7 Rice = 1,120 PHP / 4. Not bad!


They were literally gone in five minutes, rice and sidings included! A second serving was totally in order.

RATING: 8.4/10

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