Seifuku Japanese Restaurant Review


Telephone No. 632 13 91 | 871 05 91
Mobile No. 0917 801 24 34 | 0908 873 18 13

Business Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-2pm, 6pm-10pm

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Japanese cuisine wasn’t really a thing in Marikina before until the likes of Tamagoya Noodle House and Crazy Katsu, among many others, opened their doors and helped build the trend. However, they are but specialty restaurants only serving one main type of dish, and not really the authentic kind that offers a wide variety of authentic Japanese food. Nothing wrong with that. It’s just sometimes we want the package deal. Well, enter Seifuku and Omakase! They are the first of their caliber in the city, and they’re doing a pretty awesome job.

Of the two, let’s start with Seifuku for now.


Directions: See map above for reference. It’s along Gil Fernando Ave., the street intersecting along Marcos Hi-way in front of Sta. Lucia Mall. It also connects to Imelda Ave. on the other side if going to Pasig or Cainta. Once at Gil Fernando, you’ll see it on your left if you came from Marcos Hi-way.


The place is pretty big both inside and out. Plenty of parking space in the area, and there’s a security guard stationed outside who will assist you as you park. Once inside, you will be humbly greeted by the waiting staff with the mandatory ‘Irasshasimase!’ and then be led to your table of choice. You’ll probably notice the refreshing ambiance of Seifuku by this time: a very clean and minimalistic interior design of beige that blends well with bright lighting as well as the black and red table designs and illuminated greenery outside that takes you away from Manila.

To give a quick estimate, I’d say they can simultaneously house 20 groups of 6 if we include the 2nd floor.


Prices are pretty affordable if we’re to factor in how classy Seifuku is both aesthetically and gastronomically. For what to order, you’ll be given a menu consisting of 11 pages of food categories to choose from- sashimi, sushi, ippin ryouri, agemono, tempura, ramen, udon, soba, donburi, robata, salad, soup, bento, yakiniku, sukiyaki and a variety of drinks. And while you wait for your order, you’ll also be given a veggie-tako-salmon appetizer. AND YES, there’s free house tea by request, you guys!


Foodie grading time! From what I can remember on how the fam-bam tasted the dishes for the first time, we all constantly commented on how good and tasty everything was! The salmon and sushi were fresh, wasabi was the real deal (you’d be surprised on how other restos serve crap), gyudon was just perfect to my taste- not salty, and there was even more meat than the rice! Speaking of rice, it’s Japanese FYI. Ramen is plenty so two people can share in a single order. The miso ramen was good, but I guess Tamagoya beats it.

Overall, I’d give an average of 9/10 to everything we ordered. There’s one thing though: the Katsu Curry was salty. We pointed this out to the waiter and said they will inform the chef and have a look into it. Well, the next time we went there, my sister ordered Katsu Curry and yes, it was better and not salty anymore. Good job.

And without further ado, here are the food pictures!

Appetizer – Vegetable with Salmon and Tako


Miso Ramen – P200

Seifuku Amazing Yama Roll – P260

Salmon Sashimi – P200

Tekka Maki – P110

Katsu Curry – P175

Tamago Sashimi – P80

Yaki Gyoza – P90


Gyudon – P215

Miso Soup – P50

Kani Salad – P110


They also serve Okonomiyaki! Too bad I wasn’t able to try it. Maybe next time. I’ve been really curious how it tastes like from all the times it’s been featured on anime. But anyway, by the time we finished, we all had smiles on our faces, and our hearts and bellies content. It was definitely  a good dining experience and I will, with no doubt, take my friends here!

Part of their interior design are these Japanese geisha dolls for sale. They’re pretty neat!

RATING: 8.6/10

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