Shirogane Housing (Savage)! | Final Fantasy XIV


Whee, I finally got own Shirogane housing plot!

To those unaware, the Shirogane area is the latest addition to the housing scene in Final Fantasy XIV, released only last October 10. It’s a hype to majority of the players since it’s been four years since a new area was added. Not to mention that Shirogane is Japanese-themed and only limited to 720 housing plots vs. the thousands of players who want to buy one- expect people to craze about it.

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The main issue here is the limited 720 plots. The exact time the servers will open were announced, so thousands of players will camp before they open and everyone will login at the same time to try to get their chosen real estate. This just spells server congestion and connection problems for everyone, which makes it a very hard battle to win. Hence, it is dubbed Shirogane (Savage)- a pun on FFXIV’s hardest fights.

I even made a guide on how to optimize your land acquisition here!

That said, here’s my attempt in trying to get my own piece of the Shirogane cake!

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