Yumboss Putok Batok Restaurant Review

Yumboss Putok Batok Restaurant Review

0146 L. Sumulong Highway, Masinag, Antipolo City

Mobile No. 0995 994 78 87
Tel No. 635 48 75

Business Hours: Everyday 11am-12mn


Menu (From Zomato)

UPDATE: They’ve raised their prices to around 10-30php on their dishes.

Competition between restaurants along Marikina and Antipolo is getting more and more intense, and with cutthroat rivalry comes ingenious innovations and brand new gimmicks! One such places locals have come to notice is the Yumboss Putok Batok Restaurant with its unlimited Filipino dishes at very affordable prices.

“Putok batok” literally translates to explosion of the nape (or a vein there), heart attack or stroke if you may, due to eating too much fatty food. Morbid as it may sound, it’s actually mostly used as an exaggeration to poke fun at the food served as Filipinos are known to love lots of greasy delights. So it’s either they love putok batok food because it will be a feast to die for, or they want to avoid them to maintain a healthy diet.

Why did Yumboss choose the name? It’s a no-brainer: almost all they serve are of unlimited rice, unlimited ulam and bottomless iced tea, at very affordable prices at that! And if any case one indeed suffers a “putok batok”, there’s a hospital located right behind the restaurant (dark humor, anyone? Lol).

Here’s what we had from the numerous occasions we got to dine here:

Rice Meals (Unli-Rice only)

  • Pork Sisig – P99 / Chicken Calamares – P159
  • Bagnet – P139 / Hipon – P169
  • Kare-Kare (Bagnet) – P129 / Pork Sinigang – P139
  • Buttered Chicken – P109 / Beef Bulalo – P299 / Sinigang na Ulo ng Salmon – P129

Okay, where do I start? They’re all yummy huhu. And the crazy part is, they’re hella cheap! If I were to choose from the dishes here, my Holy Trinity would be the Pork Sinigang, Kare-Kare and Pork Sisig! The Pork Sinigang is definitely cooked home-style with a generous amount of pork complete with its trademark veggie ingredients and a decent brothy soup mix. The Kare-Kare is the same and it has a thicker soup base where you can really taste that peanut flavor. Pork Sisig is what it is, albeit quite crunchy and tasty.


You can choose from a number of flavors for your Hipon, and what we had were cooked just right so they weren’t hard or gummy. Nothing special to note for the Chicken Calamares save for the gravy, but its good enough in my book. The Buttered Chicken? Sweet and buttery! Bagnet- not a fan but I guess it was okay? Served with your usual Mang Tomas sauce, it was crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside.

Everything was good! Except for the last two: the Beef Bulalo had little actual meat on it, and were mostly just fat and ligaments. What’s worse, the little beef there was wasn’t savory at all- it was like chewing bubble gum. Can’t really complain for the Ulo ng Salmon since it’s just P129 and I wasn’t the one who tasted it- my mom ordered it and said it was so-so.

Unlimited Ulam? To clarify, all in the Rice Meals section are only unlimited rice and not unlimited ulam. For their unlimited ulam variants with free bottomless iced tea, check the menu below for the prices.


  • Creamy Carbonara – P109
  • Pasta Gambas – P129

Looking for a side-dish for you or even for sharing? The Creamy Carbonara is a must! Its milky white sauce is pretty good, and it becomes even better with the fettuccine pasta, cheese and bacon bits! For the Pasta Gambas? It has shrimp, tomato bits and squid rings, but really didn’t have an impact us like the carbonara did. Maybe because of the pasta used was just like, regular noodles?

Appetizers & Snacks

  • Ensaladang Talong – P79
  • Crispy Kangkong – P69
  • Red Hot Sizzle Burger – P129

Yes and yes for the Ensaladang Talong and Crispy Kangkong. I believe the photos are enough for you to make a judgment. The Red Hot Sizzle Burger is good but not so spicy. Alas it also failed to fill my belly. I intended to order it for my main meal once, but I was left still hungry after the fact. So yeah, said burger falls under Appetizers and Snacks. On that note, they do have double and triple patty variants of their burgers!

Drinks & Desserts

  • Creamy Mango Shake – P75
  • Bottomless Iced Tea – P40
  • Choco Overload – P139

Their Creamy Mango Shake is pure bliss- it’s not your usual powdered shake as it has real mango in it, and it’s topped with vanilla ice cream! Bottomless Iced Tea is just your usual iced tea, only that it’s pretty cheap to be bottomless for P40. Choco Overload was more of visual hype than taste for us- it’s okay, expect to eat lots of chocolate when you order it. It’s probably better to share it with someone so your taste buds won’t get overkilled by all that chocolate.

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