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Telephone No. 961 30 25 | 961 29 26

Business Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-9:30pm


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What would you like to eat, and where should you eat it? It is a popular question, addressed not only by family and friends. You are about to eat both with professional and amateur culinary critics, but also. Everyone has an impact on personal taste and preferences. This has led to lots of people writing about the popular buffet 101 Makati. It was time to test our talent with a friend for lunch. I had a pal.

Major challenge for food lovers:

Who’s going to emerge the winner? Is that (101) the buffet or we? Buffet 101 valued at 1,000 pesos (about $24) as a buffet considered one of the greatest in terms of value for money in metro deal buffet 101. Stylishly constructed like a 5-star restaurant, the restaurant is a buffet and so forget the elegance and fill your belly!

Variety of selection:

The Buffet 101 is the spot for a handy restaurant with a broad variety of selections if you wish to have an international festival on a budget. Now, it was my first time dining there when it came to our Buffet 101 experience. It provides a wide variety of cuisines all over the world, leaving me with many possibilities to handle, but only one stomach. I feel that the building is more structured, with more careful and efficient waiting personnel. Buffet 101. Bookings are accepted but are only held for dinner until 6:30 p.m. If you don’t come at or before 6: 30 p.m., your reservation will be forfeited. It’s a rather puzzling regulation, I think. But once without a reservation; it isn’t so long to wait. 


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Therefore, you may receive a good overview of all cooking places – Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Continental, Carving table, fresh seafood, delicious meals on ice, and so on. The aisles of Buffet 101 are also larger and roomy. I don’t think Diners should have to apologize for walking down a narrower hall. The service was quite good. The atmosphere was quite good and more than 10 stations and even more unidentified stations came to the meal. When we stepped in, I saw that the management was superb. On the one side of the restaurant is the notion of a buffet station split by a curtain with shimmering suspended crystals which extend along its length from its eating area. 

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Buffet 101 :

Buffet e11 review provides an international traditional culinary festival for both adults and children. Among the things on the buffet 101 menu are finger food, pizza, spaghetti, barbeque meals, yakitori, hot Japanese pot, European comfort, and more. Some of their most popular foods were salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi, black sesame maki, hot salmon maki. Spices and tastes were exceptional. Buffet 101st But it was amazing to see some strange options, such as Blueberry Ribs that I saw for the first time. We went straight to the seafood because seafood in Manila is costly, therefore we enjoy buffets. It can be ready and brought to your table. The soup dish is coated with a crispy, delicious crust. 

Food Stations:

In my opinion, the Japanese and Chinese stations are equally kind. A few minutes after I select my favorite foods for barbeque, a tray of delicious grilled stuff is always on our table. The hot objects and the sweet temptations in the chopping dishes are various. I felt there was a lack of plates or that their plate was not positioned strategically. You saw better days with the drinks you had. It was evident from the marks that these shows were worn 1,000 times. I went to the cafe where I could have my favorite halo and ice cream after looking for desserts. As the phrase says, ‘Make your own halo-halo.’ I would just want them to have a large “mouthful” glass for the halo because it’s so difficult to blend in a “little tall glass.” The most attention should be given to desserts and especially to “verrines.” An adventure, certainly. In tea, ice tea, red tea, and blue tea do not feel like tea is the main thing to remember. Too much water has been added. The water tastes just like frozen beer and yogurt. A shake including watermelon already 25% ice and 75% liquid. There is a lack of grilled items like crevices and scallops. The choice of Japanese food was quite good.


Buffet 101’s locations are all located in malls if you wonder about the location. The centers in question are Glorietta restaurants, Makati SM By The Bay, Robinsons Magnolia, and Alabang City. Since a lot of cooking takes place, some places are too hot to eat there. Since the seating space is large, however, this is not a problem. The environment seems beautiful. This is a buffet for all of you to eat and drink.

Quality and quantity:

Buffet restaurants offer a comparable range and quality of food, so that guests may enjoy their favorite food in full while still having outstanding value for money. I have to count on my friends’ thoughts of Buffet 101’s roast beef as I’m not a beef aficionado. As we got into our seats, a big display of flowers in the center of the meal setting welcomed us. The buffet tables have been decorated with luscious glass lights. It’s a false steak because we believe it’s so mushy it’s well above the 50 dollar steaks in the U.S. There’s absolutely no need to chew. But all I have to say is that it is really tender! I’m not sure where they get their steak!

Buffet 101 Price:

The lunch buffet 101 moa price was approximately p778 net from Monday to Friday, except for Sundays or holidays, when I believe that they should charge less, for example, they would have to keep their buffet 101 rates equal, not approximately p988. That is the price for a yummy food near me. The employees are friendly and outgoing. You can park in the SM MOA Bayside just a short walk away if you do not buy a parking lot in front of the restaurant. The toilet rooms are clean and equipped with plenty of toiletries. Although the cost of food and service is less than hotels, it is comparable.

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We can purchase promotions and gifts online at a less expensive rate and also have a marvelous birthday promo for a month for a birthday celebration, as long as it is its birthday month. You only need to go there if you truly have a hunger and are a tip for all: just let them know, show them proofs of your age when you are there on your birthday, and they will give you a donation certificate to use on your next visit. Of course, there is nothing free, and some requirements apply such as three persons having to pay full adult rates without discounts, who must be accompanied by a celebrant.

Overall, with our group, I had a delicious experience. They spent their time setting the table, and the main course was wonderful. Last but not least, this buffet is cheaper than other hotel buffets and many things are to be selected. Be aware always that with an empty stomach you should come here. The value of what you’re paying must be maximized. It costs around a thousand pesos, including gratuitous foods like juices, fruit shakes, beer, and wine, per participant. Buffet 101, so make sure you are very hungry before you go! You won’t allow leftovers! 

We smiled, leaving a tip on the table, as we left the restaurant. I would like to return. In my opinion, it’s a nice place to visit with friends, families or a partner.

Japanese Shrimp Tempura

Similar to Vikings, Yakimix, Sambokojin, and all the other local buffet restaurants out there, you pay for around 500-1,500php (depending on whether it’s a weekday, weekend, holiday, lunch or dinner) for a chance to eat to your heart’s content through the many and various dishes they offer.

As of posting this article, they currently have three branches: one at San Miguel By The Bay (near Mall of Asia), Robinsons Magnolia and Glorietta 2. For directions please refer to the map provided above.

All their branches occupy huge spaces so they pretty much can accommodate more than a hundred people at once. That said, they’re almost always full so better to make a reservation just to be sure. They also have private rooms!

Their prices are as follows, with no service charge:

Mon-Sat: Lunch P699, Dinner P899
Sun & Holiday: Lunch / Dinner P899
Children Below 3.5 ft.: FREE
Children Below 4.5 ft.: P499
Leftover Price: P1,350

They also currently have a promo of 5+1 Free, as well as a birthday promo where you can dine there for 7 days free so long as you bring a paying companion.

Here are some of the plates we prepared:

A variety of Japanese food: tempura, sushi, sashimi and takoyaki balls

A variety of seafood: salmon, crab, shrimp, oyster, mussels, etc.

From the carving station: American roast beef with pepper sauce

Freshly baked oyster and mussels

Freshly grilled squid

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Prices vs. quality-wise, I can say what they offer are almost the same to Kamayan / Dad’s, Sambokojin and Yakimix. Long story short, you’ll get your money’s worth of awesome good food here! With so much food to choose from, I’m sure you won’t be able to taste everything here in one sitting. One big plus for Buffet 101 when we dined there: their salmon sashimi are better in terms of freshness and quality vs. the other buffet restos.

Just one issue I had: I noticed they have this sort of bottleneck happening on the more expensive food like salmon sashimi and shrimp tempura. Not sure if I was just unlucky, or they’re intentionally doing this, or people are just greedy, but it’s kind of irritating when that happens.

Anyway, Buffet 101 is a must-try! Be sure to try the place out when you’re in the area.

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