Crazy Chicken Review


Telephone No. 209 56 78

Business Hours: Mon-Sun, 11am-11pm


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Note: Crazy Chicken in Marikina has now closed.

Chocolate-coated fried chicken wings and drumsticks, anyone? Yup, you heard that right. ‘Eew?‘ Totally understandable. Same reaction here, actually, when a friend told me about it. Like, who in their right mind would want to mix dessert with the main dish, right? Do you really have to be crazy to eat at Crazy Chicken? Let’s see!

crazychicken1-2204838 Solo Drumsticks 2pcs. Black Listed – P109

Directions: Lilac St. in Marikina City- to get access there, the usual route is from Marcos Hiway to Sumulong Hiway (Marikina side), then turning right to Soliven st. (7-11 landmark) and eventually that street will be Lilac after the bridge, and voila! See map above for reference.


Crazy Chicken can house about 7 groups of 4-5 people on the first floor, and a second floor is currently on the works. Parking is shared with the other establishments in the building so competition can be a bit rough. But since it’s Lilac, you can safely park along the intersecting streets nearby.


Food is both good and affordable! They’re kind of like this hole-in-the-wall restaurant that’s about to have the rest of the wall torn down. And business is looking good! I always see the place crowded with customers every time I pass by. In terms of price, they’re definitely the more wallet-friendly type vs. its neighboring chicken wings competition (Manila Wings, which I’ll blog next). Both are awesome though!

The quantity, quality and size ratio of their dishes are in fair equilibrium once pricing is considered.

Before my remarks about the awaited chocolatey goodness, here are what we ordered:

crazychicken41-4702383Jalapeno Stix – P70

crazychicken5-9250998 Chicken & Cheese Quesadillas – P119

crazychicken6-4272677 Home-Style Fries – P60

crazychicken7-9279539 Chicken Pesto Pasta – P120

crazychicken8-3427697 Solo Wings 4 pcs. Garlic Parmesan – P109

crazychicken9-6124970 Country-Style Iced Tea (500ml) – P60

Verdict: Like I said, I was appalled at the idea at first, but Chepot and Ching insisted on recommending it time and time again. With their constant recommendations, one cannot help it but be curious. I ordered Garlic Parmesan to be on the safe side, and planned on just having a pinch of the chocolate chicken they both got.

And you know what? It was weird…but surprisingly delicious! Delicious in a way that yes, you can actually pair it with rice for a full dinner’s meal. The sweetness of the chocolate blended well with the chicken skin and meat like sorcery you’ve never experienced before. The whole fiasco made me disappointed with the Garlic Parmesan I ordered since it suddenly seemed too ordinary. Welp, I’ll be sure to order their Black Listed next time! I don’t know about you guys- better try and taste it for yourselves, I guess? Who knows, maybe it’s acquired taste? Haha.

The rest: the pesto pasta, fries, chili sticks are all satisfactory! Good for the belly, good for the penny!

RATING: 8/10

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