Kanto Freestyle Breakfast Review

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast Review


Mobile No. 0905 573 09 81

Business Hours: 24 Hours


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Anyone else keep seeing Kanto Freestyle Breakfast on your Facebook walls? Not sure about you, but there was a time it kept appearing on mine. For about a month, actually. It makes one think it could be a really good place, right? And I finally was able to pay a visit thanks to friends who suggested the idea. Here’s the gist!

Kanto Boy Breakfast Meal: Batangas Beef Tapa: P110

Directions: It’s kinda hard to describe since it’s isolated from the main roads, but here goes! If you’re familiar with Gil Fernando- that street in front of Sta. Lucia / Robinsons Metro East Malls that connects Marcos Hiway and Sumulong Hi-way? It’s near there. From Gil Fernando you make a turn to Aquilina st. and the resto will be where the street intersects with Col. Divino st. Here’s a map. For their other branches located in Mandaluyong. Pasig and Quezon City, you can check their Munch Punch page here for their current addresses.


It’s an open area, but very wide and well-ventilated. And judging from the photo I took, they can cater to about an average of 20 four-person tables. We went there for dinner so I’m not sure how the place fares in day-time, but I can imagine it won’t be hot there even on lunch time in the middle of summer- besides the spacious area, big electric fans are scattered around as well. They also have parking spaces on two sides of the restaurant- one facing Aquilina, and the other Col. Divino. It can probably hold around 8-10 cars. They’re open 24/7.


My friends were bragging about how affordable, bountiful and delicious their meals are- of course I didn’t take the bait at first. Until I saw it for myself. Haha! True enough, they weren’t exaggerating- the first and the best I would recommend would be their Honey Garlic Chicken. For P75, you get one big piece of honey garlic-glazed fried chicken that’s crispy on the outside, and soft and juicy on the inside paired with rice, a fresh tomato and sour-cream dip. You can’t go wrong with this! (Unless of course you’re allergic to chicken >.<)

Next we tried their other breakfast meals, specifically the Vigan Longganisa and Batangas Beef Tapa– under the Kanto Boy Breakfast variant. The difference with this version is that it comes with garlic rice, fresh tomato, and two eggs. So how do they fare? Just look at the pictures- they look really good even with my crappy cell phone camera! And at a cheap price at that. Haha. Though in all seriousness, they’re pretty legitimate.

One thing I advise you not to order- Pork Belly. Check the photo. What we got was more fat chunks than meat and the serving was kind of minute. Or maybe we just got a bad batch? But yeah, it’s only P75 after all. It’s probably good as a side dish or pulutan.

Verdict: It’s a place worth experiencing once or more! Good food in bountiful serving with affordable prices! You don’t see that quite much often these days. And if you want to know about them more, try checking their Facebook page (linked below)– positive reviews are overflowing. ????

And without further ado, here are le photos!

Honey Garlic Chicken: P75

Kanto Boy Breakfast Meal: Vigan Longganisa: P95

Pork Belly – P75


RATING: 8.6/10

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