Karnevore Review

Karnevore Review


Tel No. 340 08 56
Mobile No. 0917 815 75 62

Business Hours: Mon-Sun, 11am-2pm, 5pm-10pm


Menu (From Zomato)

Attention, ALL avid meat-lovers out there: go to Karnevore and order their Tommy Chops and Sicilian Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings, as well as their other yummy dishes! Here, there’s no pretending whatsoever. You like meat? They’ll give you meat- in all its tasty glory!

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What started as five batchmates drinking together and trying to conceptualize for a lucrative business, ended up as a restaurant that serves that special something they all love: MEAT. They eventually settled down on a nice cozy place near Marcos Hi-way, behind McDonald’s along Gunting street. Their sign is pretty big so it’s hard to miss!

Their menu has around 15-20 items consisting of unique and gourmet dishes of beef, pork and chicken- all usually served in big proportions yet affordable prices!

My top picks and absolute must-tries are their grilled premium Ribeye Steak for the beef category, Tommy Chops for the pork, and the Sicilian Garlic Parmesan Wings for their chicken dish. We had the Ribeye Steak cooked medium rare, and cook it perfectly they did! The beef is soft, juicy and marinated with love. Not too bland and not too salty either, they pretty much hit that sweet spot in between. The pepper gravy served with it also compliments the steak well. The mashed potato? Creamy and milky just the way I like that staple side dish.

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Karnevore Ribeye Steak (Mini) – P255

But what tickled my taste bud in the most yummy way would be their Sicilian Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings. It may have been the first dish I was able to taste among all that we ordered, but after everything, it still remained my favorite. I’m no expert in cooking and whatnot, but man, you just know a certain meal is deserving of a thumbs up when you taste one. The flavor of garlic and Parmesan seamlessly blended with those crispy chicken wings, topped with that tangy sour cream sauce…it’s chicken wing heaven for only P145!

Sicilian Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings – P145 (8 pcs.) / P285 (16 pcs.)

Their other menu choices are just as unique and it goes without saying, also must-tries. The Tommy Chops and Southwestern BBQ Pork Belly are probably the most affordable in the bunch, but they’re just as delectable! The P385 half Peruvian Chicken is a bit pricey, but I’m gonna go give the go signal if you want something new and somewhat exotic. And if you’re feeling a bit un-meaty and just want something light and healthy, I suggest you try their Teriyaki Salmon! Quite a big amount of serving for just P265, and it melts in your mouth!

Karnevore Tommy Chops (Single) – P205

Karnevore Peruvian Chicken (Half) – P385

Karnevore Southwestern BBQ Pork Belly (Single) – P215

Teriyaki Salmon (Whole) – P265

Classic Cheeseburger (Single Patty) – P185

Smoking Gun Cheeseburger – P245

For appetizers and snacks, there’s their chef’s own Rockin’ Pork Face Buns! Basically pork sisig meat-burger with siopao buns and garnished pickles, chili and onions. There’s also the Karnachos- nachos with melted mozzarella cheese, fresh chopped tomatoes and ground beef.

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Rockin’ Pork Face Buns (4 pcs.) – P185

Karnachos – P145

Extra Java Rice – P30

House Blended Iced Tea – P30

Karnevore x Marikina Food Bloggers!

RATING: 8.4/10

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