Pokemon Y Cheats [Action Replay Codes 2023]

Pokemon Y Cheats

If you are a pokemon game fan and play the game frequently then, you might have played different versions of this game. All the versions have different and exciting adventures that can make anyone get addicted to the game. While playing the game, you can feel yourself in the pokemon world. Many challenges occur in the game that you have to face and without accepting these challenges you can not progress in the game. Some gamers like to face these challenges and win the game in their struggle. On the other hand, some players try to find shortcuts. 

Winning the game without struggling hard sounds weird but it is possible with the help of cheat codes. For example, you can apply cheat codes such as pokemon Citra cheat codes, pokemon Y shiny cheat, pokemon Y item cheats, and many other pokemon Y codes that will help you in completing the level. Pokemon cheats codes Citra, and rare candy is used for different purposes. This article will discuss pokemon Y cheat codes so that you could know what cheat codes can help you win the level and rank higher in the contest. 

Citra emulator Pokemon Y cheats

Your emulator plays a vital role when you are playing the Pokemon Y game. Emulators have a menu on which cheat codes can be stored. It can be difficult to deal with some situations if you are playing the game without the help of cheat codes. Now, you know where you need the cheat codes to help you get out of that situation. You will search for the cheat codes on the internet according to the situation that you are facing and are not able to pass it. You find different cheat codes for a situation showing different keys to be pressed to apply the codes. Things you need to consider are only those cheat codes that are specified for the version of the game you are playing. This will not confuse you and you will easily find what you are seeking.  

Now, you know what game version you are playing and have found cheat codes for it. All you need to do is to put those cheat codes from the internet and add them to the menu of your emulator. When you have all the cheat codes in the menu, you can use them easily whenever you get stuck in the game. 

Things you must consider

So, you have decided to play the game with the help of cheat codes. Now, you must know some points that are very crucial to help you play the game in a flow. You can apply Citra emulator pokemon Y cheats according to the difficulty that you are facing. To make sure that the game goes well with the cheat codes, you need to apply only a single cheat code at one time. You can also apply more than one cheat code at the same time and they will get activated as well. The chances are higher if you will apply more than one cheat code then, the game will start lagging and your flow will be broken. 

You must deactivate the applied cheat code after your purpose is fulfilled. Once you have applied a cheat code and have achieved the task that you were looking for then, deactivate the cheat code. Plus, before applying the pokemon Y cheat codes Citra android, you must save your game. Saving the game will make sure your progress in the game remains safe if something goes wrong. Last but not least, always deactivate the cheat code before applying a new code. 

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Cheat codes for Pokemon Y:

Pokemon y cheats  The function of pokemon y codes
Hold L  It helps to view IVs on the Pokemon Status Screen
Hold R It enables you to view EVs on the Pokemon Status Screen.
080C79B0 No Encounter will take place after its use. 
Hold START+ E3A00064 It helps to perform Instant Encounter 
E3A04003 Instant Messages can be done by applying this Pokemon y shiny cheat
58092F38 It doubles the speed of walk and runs. (Note: It only work for D-pad)
0053ED84+Hold L Pokemon Shiny will be enabled
E3A01001+Hold R Pokemon Shiny will be disabled.
E3A00018 It will help to access PC from anywhere.
580B5824+Hold R It enables walking through a wall.
18C7FF0A The number of win streak will be multiplied by 45 after it. (Note: It is applicable only in single-player mode)
18C7FF08 Win streak will be multiplied by 19 after this Pokemon fire red x and y cheats’ rare candy. (Note: It is applicable only in single-player mode)
Hold Start+ 18C6826 It helps in instant friendship gain.
Hold Start+ FFFB0004 The egg will be hatched instantly when it is applied.
Hold Start+ 18C67234 It will provide daycare eggs quickly.
Hold R+ B8CEC564 Your Pokemon will confront Route 2. 
Hold R+ B8CEC554 Your Pokemon will confront Route 2 at level 6.
Press LEFT+ Hold R It will maximize AP, Fourth ATK, and sixth PKMN.
Press LEFT+ Hold L  It enables to refill AP, Fourth ATK, and sixth PKMN.
Press DOWN+ Hold R It will maximize AP, Third ATK, and Sixth PKMN.
Press DOWN+ Hold L It allows refilling AP, 3rd ATK 6th PKMN.
Press RIGHT+ Hold R It will maximize AP, second ATK, and 6th PKMN.
Press RIGHT+ Hold L It enables to refill AP, 2nd ATK, and 6th PKMN.
Press UP+ R It helps to maximize AP 1st ATK 6th PKMN.
Press UP+ L It refills AP 1st ATK 6th PKMN.
Press R It cooperates to maximize All AP 6th PKMN.
Press L It refills All AP 6th PKMN.
Press R+ B81FB298 It will help to boost the HP of the 6th Pokemon.
B81FB284 HP level will be infinity when it is applied.
481FB624+ PRESS L It refills all HP.
B81FB624+ PRESS L It refills all AP.
B81FB630+ PRESS R HP level will be maximized after it.
481FB624+ Press Y All levels will be at 100 after the battle. 
B81FB624+ Press Y It will elevate the level of PKMN up to 100.
B81FB624 It modifies PKMN and the very first ATK.
1000012A This Citra Reddit provides a modification to 2nd ATK and 1st PKMN.
B81FB284 It modifies 3rd ATK and 1st PKMN.
10000146 It is the 4th ATK and 1st PKMN modifier.

As mentioned earlier, in this article you will be knowing the cheat codes that will help you in playing the Pokemon Y game without getting stuck at any stage. Cheat codes help those gamers who love to remain on the top without seeing back. They do not need to struggle hard if they face a difficult situation because of the Pokemon X and Y cheat codes. Different players find different situations difficult. That is why there are different cheat codes available to deal with every situation. You can play the game on any platform and can apply cheat codes as well. Such as Pokemon Y cheat codes Citra Android, iOS, and personal computers as well. Here are some of the most used cheat codes by players of the Pokemon Y game.

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Rare candy

While playing the Pokemon Y game, you will face many situations that will be very difficult to tackle for you and your pokemon as well. For example, if you are having a pokemon battle with a trainer or any other guy in the game that you must win to get to the next level then, your pokemon should be powerful enough to beat the pokemon of the other guy. Sometimes, you just can not win the battle because the strength of your pokemon is less than that of the other pokemon. Here comes a cheat code that can help you win the battle and go to the next level. The rare candy cheat code helps in strengthening your pokemon by upgrading its abilities and powers. You must have this cheat code in the menu of your emulator so that you could use it accordingly. 

  • 82025840 0044.

Master balls

The best things are always provided in a few numbers in the game so that you try your best and get them and use them whenever you need them. The same is the case with the master balls in the Pokemon Y. You get only one master ball to catch a new pokemon. New players might ask why you need to catch a new pokemon? When you are playing the game, new pokemon will surely attract you and you would love to have them in your collection. On top of that, you also need to catch new pokemon because it is the requirement of passing a level. If you have completed a stage and entered a new level. Now, to clear this new stage, you must have a new pokemon. You can use a master ball to catch it. If you do not have a master ball left then, the cheat code for the master ball can help you in getting the new pokemon as you will be having as many master balls as you want to have. Any difficult pokemon can be caught with the help of a master ball. 

The cheat code for unlimited master balls is;

  • 820258400044

Heart scales

Your pokemon have powers and they know moves that are fed in them. During a battle, you control your pokemon and it only shows those moves that you ask it to show. Some gamers are not familiar with the moves of their pokemon as they just catch them without knowing the specialties and skills they acquire. Heart scale allows you to get familiar with the moves that your pokemon acquire. Sometimes when you do not ask your pokemon to show a move because you forget that or do not know about it. With the help of a heart scale cheat code, you can learn the moves of your pokemon that you never knew before. Your pokemon will also enjoy the new moves that it was not showing. 

Easy money

While playing the game, you need money to keep things going for you and your pokemon. Money will help in buying food for yourself and your pokemon as well. If you are playing the game without using cheat codes then, you can fight battles with trainers and earn money. Different levels of battles have different prices for winners. If you win the battle, you get money but if you lose the battle then, you lose money as well. You will fight a battle with those trainers that have less powerful pokemon then, your chances of winning the battle and getting money increase. Challenging those trainers that have powerful pokemon then, your chances are very less. Just type a code and your wallet will get full with the amount you want. So, an easy money cheat code is a nice way to play the game while being rich. 

The cheat code for easy money is;

  • 7400013003F5


In the world of pokemon, you get to face many situations that you think are time wasters and these can stop you from completing the level in a fast way. Although you feel them time-wasters and they turn out to be your helpers. Maybe you are finding an item that is a very crucial part of the game to complete the level. During a battle, your pokemon destroys many things such as trees and rocks. With the destruction of rocks and trees, the items start popping out that you are finding and want to collect. You can collect these items easily so that you can easily go through that stage. If you have not found any item then, you can use the cheat code for this purpose as well. You can apply the Pokemon Y item cheats to find the items you are looking for. 

The cheat code is;

  • DD000000
  • 00000004
  • DA000000
  • 08C67566

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Shiny pokemon

Pokemon mega emerald X and Y cheats and Nintendo 3ds pokemon Y cheats have been found very helpful to those gamers who love playing the game using cheat codes. These codes have helped many gamers to finish the level on time and remain on top of the ranking of the Pokemon Y. You can also get a shiny pokemon while playing the game. You will find different codes to apply this cheat. Make sure that you use the one according to the version of the game. If you apply the right cheat code, you will get a shiny pokemon and if the cheat code that you have applied is wrong then, you will get nothing. Maybe the wrong code works for any other cheat that you do not need at that time, so be careful while applying the cheat codes. 

The cheat code is;

  • 6053ED8C
  • E12FFF1E
  • 0053ED80
  • E5C70004

Walkthrough walls

Pokemon mega emerald X and Y cheats walkthrough walls have also been found very helpful for users in every version of the game. This cheat code is not only available for the pokemon Y game but other versions as well such as pokemon fire red X and Y cheats. Let’s say that your pokemon has been stuck in a place where it is not finding a way out after many attempts then, this cheat code can help your pokemon get out from there. After applying this cheat code by using the right code, your pokemon will be able to walk through the walls. This will save the time that you have been given to finish a specific level. Plus, you will be able to maintain your rank in the contest. 

The cheat code is;

  • D3000000
  • 00000000
  • 0053ED50
  • E1A01000

Wild pokemon

Pokemon mega emerald X and Y cheats wild pokemon modifier has helped many players to get away from a difficult situation. This cheat code has helped a lot in completing the level after winning the battle with a trainer or while catching a pokemon in an open field. It is just like Pokemon mega emerald X and Y cheats rare candy and pokemon fire red X and Y cheats rare candy. Now, it can come to your mind how they are similar? It can be said so because the rare candy cheat code upgrades your pokemon and the wild pokemon modifier also changes one pokemon with the other. So, the common point in these two cheat codes is the change. One code changes the attributes of a pokemon whereas the other code changes a pokemon with another. 

The cheat code is;

  • 6053ED8C
  • E12FFF1E


Using cheat codes while playing a pokemon game can help you pass the levels easily without doing a lot of struggle. If you want to play the game with its challenges then, cheat codes are not for you. Although, sometimes you can enjoy the game with cheat codes as well. In the end, it is your decision how you want to play the game.

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