S&R New York Style Pizza Review

Pizza is the favorite of almost everyone. If you are a pizza lover then, you might always go to your favorite pizza restaurant because you do not want to waste your money on trying something bad. There are a lot of pizza restaurants in the market still, you go to your favorite one. S&R is a grocery store that has a huge number of customers. People go there to purchase household and kitchen items.

S&R offers reasonable prices to all the household products it is selling. You can either come for shopping or can use the delivery facility to get your items at your doorstep. Being the favorite grocery store, S&R has now set up a pizza restaurant for its valuable customers. While shopping for your groceries, you might feel hungry. So, don’t worry as the pizza restaurant is waiting for you to treat your tastebuds with delicious pizzas, burgers, and other snacks. Although there is a membership for shopping groceries at S&R. You do not need to get a membership to try their pizza. Those who eat from here say that this is the best New York-style pizza that they have tasted. Everyone has its different taste and S&R pizza has taken good care of this. There is a variety of snacks that you can enjoy after having a tiring grocery shopping session.

There is a promo service for regular customers. If you do your regular grocery shopping from here then, you will get discounts on buying any pizza from here. What can be better than this? You have a tiring shopping session and when you get to know about the discount, all your tiredness vanishes away. So, whenever you are craving pizza or the best New York-style pizza then, S&R pizza is the best place for you. You can come here with your family and friends as well. There is a sitting arrangement, especially for families.


Telephone No. 421 04 23

Business Hours: Sun-Thu 10am-10pm, Fri-Sat 10am-9pm


Menu (From Zomato)

Unlike before where you can only dine at S&R New York Style Pizza via their mega supermarkets (and only if you’re a member), they’ve now come out of their conservative shells to take on the world head on! People can now dine at their 15+ stand-alone branches scattered around the metro.

Garlic Shrimp Pizza – P109 / slice, P599 / whole

S&R pizza good for how many persons

There are different types of pizza lovers. Some prefer the quality of baking and taste, some say that the pizza should be in large size which means they prefer quantity. Then, comes those who prefer quality and quantity both. They say that the quantity of pizza should be good enough so that they could eat their fill and the taste should be great enough as they need to treat their taste buds with the most delicious experience.

S&R pizza takes care of all these things. They know their regular customers and their requirements regarding the pizza they like to eat. If you are going alone to eat the pizza then, a pan pizza would be a good choice with a regular drink. If you are hungry for a long time then, you can order a regular pizza that will fill your belly.

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Normally, a medium pizza is good enough for three people if they are not very hungry. If two people of more than average weight and size want to eat a pizza then, a medium-size would be good enough for them. The size of the pizza depends on hunger. A large size S&R pizza is good enough for four persons, a medium one is for three persons, and the smaller one is for a single person. As mentioned earlier, it depends on how hungry you are.

I also got to try their 100% all-beef hotdog– it was okay. But for the price of P106, I’d rather go with the pizza or chicken first. You can go all out on the toppings on the counter though to get the best bang for your foodie buck.

All Beef Hotdog – P106


S&R pizza menu 2021 

It is their menu that makes them unique and a favorite among people. You will see a flavorful menu at S&R pizza. They have a variety of flavors in pizzas. Normally, you will see 3 sizes of pizzas in the menus of different restaurants. S&R pizza menu 2021 is different from others. You can have any size of pizza to fill your meal. From pan pizza to a family-size pizza, you will get all the sizes. Plus, every flavor is available in every size, so just get in there and enjoy your favorite pizza flavor.

The S&R pizza sauce provides a delicious taste to their pizzas. There is a variety of sauces available. These are not ordinary sauces that you normally eat in a pizza. This sauce is a special one and is their signature sauce. You will see a unique style of pizza on the menu as well. It is a combination of burger and pizza. It is known as cheesy burger deluxe pizza S&R. If you like to try new tastes in burgers and pizzas then, you can enjoy it all at once in the S&R pizza menu 2021.

Just like other restaurants, there is some specialty as well that you will never forget. Try their tropical Hawaiian pizza S&R to enjoy a new level of taste.

Instead of pizzas, there are many other snacks available on their menu. You can order burgers, fries, fried chicken, and many others as well. So, if you are trying it for the first time then, taste their special one with the signature sauce.

Another must-try is their chicken meal- chicken that’s soft and juicy on the inside, and very crunchy on the outside! To top it off, it’s paired with steaming hot white rice and their signature black pepper gravy. If you’re hungry just like I was, you can always have both pizza and chicken with rice! At the same time!

Fried Chicken w/ Rice – P89

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S&R pizza slices

Normally, the number of slices in S&R pizza is the same as any other pizza restaurant provides. Basically, it is not the number of slices that matter. It is the size of pizza that you are getting. Still, if you prefer getting more slices then, you can ask for more slices. In this way, you will get one or two slices more but the size remains the same.

Typically, there are four slices in a small pizza which is good enough for a single person. In the medium pizza, you will get six slices that satisfy the appetite of two to three persons depending on how hungry you are. The large one normally has eight pieces. Four persons with a normal appetite can eat it to their fill. Then, comes family size. This one is a bit bigger in size as compared to the large pizza. The major difference is that each slice of this pizza gets bigger. It depends on you as you have the choice to increase the number of slices or you can have a bigger slice.

A new thing that you will find at S&R pizza is that now you can also buy a slice of a pizza and can enjoy it. It means that there is no need to spend money on a full-size pizza when you just want to eat a single piece. Normally, this single slice of the pizza is the size of a pan pizza and is good enough to fill your hunger.

For just P99, you can already get a combo meal of one big slice of pizza (Cheese or Pepperoni) paired with an equally big soda drink already enough to give the average person a bellyful. Pizzas with more toppings such as Combo and Garlic Shrimp are P109 per slice without drink and P599 for whole.

Pepperoni Pizza – P109 / slice, P599 / whole


S&R pizza delivery

After having a tiring session of grocery shopping, you can sit in the restaurant to eat pizza. What if you haven’t come for the shopping and you want to eat the pizza without going out? S&R pizza has a delivery service available for you. You can call the restaurant and can ask for the flavors available on the menu. After selecting the flavor, you can finalize the order and can wait for the pizza to come. Your delivery will be at your place in a short time depending on the distance of your place. You can either pay online or can pay cash on delivery.

Not sure how much ml their soda drinks have, but what I can say is that they’re definitely bigger than what any other fastfood restaurants here in Manila have to offer.

Big Soda Drink – P45 or free with meal

Topped up with relish and sauces from the counter

Here’s the counter where you can spam their sauces and toppings alike: catsup, hot sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, onion, and relish all you can! Though their pepper gravy must be specially requested from their staff at the front. Well, it’s their treasured sauce, after all.

Best time to go here? Just try avoiding lunch and dinner time on weekends as the store tends to overflow with patrons around those times. But yeah, it’s not entirely impossible since the place does have a lot of tables and chairs laid out. Like a cafeteria. I was able to dine here 3pm on a Saturday and it was still jam-packed though.

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RATING: 8.4/10

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