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Let’s face it: milk tea has already been the rave these past years making a very saturated industry. But in every saturated market, there are still those who differentiate themselves from the rest by taking things one step further. And that is exactly what Super Duck Modern Tea did! Here’s why they deserve a spot in the limelight.

superduck-6993363Citrus Green Tea with Plum, Dark Choco Nai-Kai, Coffee Jelly w/ Mint Tea Base

An original Taiwanese brand boasting three years in the market, it currently has its branch located at the 2nd floor of SM Cyber West in front of SM North. Check map above for reference.



What makes them stand out? Let’s bullet them out, shall we:

  • They use real fresh fruits in their mixes, not the typical syrup/powder
  • This deserves a separate point: they use REAL rose flower and REAL mint! We don’t see that often.
  • They support local farmers by getting their supplies locally as much as possible
  • Non-in-season ingredients are directly imported from Taiwan

superduck3-5468833 A few of the official signature Super Duck tea variants!

  • Customized tea: if you’re pretty OC about your drink, you can create your own milk tea from scratch!
  • Having said that, they have loads of different types of tea: TEN TYPES!
  • Don’t have the time to make your own? They have pre-made variants as well!

superduck4-8471535 Durable and microwaveable cups!

  • Imported ingredients include cane sugar. No, they don’t use unhealthy hi-fructose corn syrup!
  • YES, they serve HOT TEA (unlike other milk tea shops- I make this a point because I love hot tea!)
  • They have cup variants that are microwavable! So you can heat hot drinks up when you get home.
  • And here’s the coolest part- they have variants tea, milk tea and fruit tea WITH ALCOHOL!

superduck5-1123798 They even cater to parties serving alcohol-infused tea shots!

Having all the information laid out to us proved for a more awesome tea-drinking experience. Well, with prices similar to the average milk tea shops while utilizing far better ingredients, the obvious choice on who to pick lie clear. I guess the only drawback is that other people far from their store will have accessibility issues.

They offer two sizes for their drinks: the medium 500cc, and the large 750cc- again, more than your average milk tea shop. You can also choose your sugar level from 0%-150%, and your ice level from hot to full iced.

Taste of the tea: I can say they taste fresh and natural. Better for my palate because I can remember cringing in a milk tea drink before because of too much hi-fructose. I didn’t get that feeling on my drink despite having 100% sugar on it. They smell really nice too, especially the fruity variants.

superduck6-1903378 Large Coffee Jelly w/ Mint Tea Base – P100


superduck8-5786811 Some of their other pre-made signature mixes

superduck9-6769748 Hibiscus Tea, Quackers Food Menu, Pasta Selections

It goes to say that a thirsty person isn’t always without a hungry tummy. Hence, meet their Quacker vegetarian food selection! Actually, it was only after eating some that I found out they were all veggies- I was fooled. They tasted like the real thing! Besides tasting like the real thing though, these are better options for consumption because they are healthier. Quite the nice things to partner with healthy tea right? Serving unhealthy food will eliminate the purpose of drinking tea in the first place. Here are a couple of photos of their food!

superduck10-4896341 Asian Dumplings – P65

superduck11-6481071 Veggie Calamares – P90

superduck12-6575246 Tofu Bites – P65

superduck13-8783668 Veggie Cheesedog & Fries – 90

superduck14-3695772 Potato Wedges – P65, Veggie Seafood Cup – P100

superduck15-6863245 Fish & Fries – P70

superduck16-8710515 Mushrooms – P70

superduck17-1240380 Cheesy Pesto Calamari – P140

superduck18-5877975 Linguine Carbonara – P120

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