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So many foodie places to try, so little time! And because I love you guys so much, here’s a list of the places I’ve made a review of. Can’t decide where to eat? Then try these restaurants on for size!

And oh, got some good eats to recommend? Share them in the comments section below!

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7 Flavors Assorted Buffet P400-P600 San Juan City 8.4
A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante Italian Assorted Pizza / Mussel Sauce Parmigiana P200 Multi-branch 8.4
Alexei’s Diner & Cafe American Sundried Shrimp Pasta / Eastern Chicken P150 Marikina 8
All4U Unli Grill Korean Grill and Shabu Shabu P500 Multi-branch 8.2
Angus Tapa Centrale Filipino Wagyu Beef Tapa P150 Multi-branch 8
Beeffalo by Hotrocks American Rib-eye Steak P300 Marikina 8.4
Bellini’s Italian Assorted Pizza / Pasta P300 Multi-branch 8.2
Biaños Pizza Italian Assorted Pizza P100 Multi-branch 7
Bodato Burgers American Spicy Beef Burger P100 Quezon City 8
Brad’s Family and Friends Diner Assorted Chicken Meal P100 Marikina City 8.6
Brickfire Steakhouse American Cowgirl Annie Steak P200 Multi-branch 7.8
Buffet 101 Assorted Buffet P700-900 Multi-branch 8.6
Bun of Brothers American Bacon Mushroom Melt P200 Marikina 7.8
Burger Brewster American Juicy Lucy P150 Marikina 8
Calda Pizza Italian Assorted Pizza P150 Multi-branch 6.8
Charlie’s Grind & Grill American P200 Angus / Wagyu Burgers Multi-branch 8
Chicken Deli Filipino Chicken Inasal P100 Multi-branch 8.4
Concho’s Sisig Filipino Sisig Super Meal P200 Marikina 7.8
Cookie Mug Desserts Cookie Mug w/ Caramel Milk P150 Marikina 8
Crazy Chicken American Black Label Wings P150 Marikina 8
Crazy Katsu Japanese Chicken Katsu P150 Multi-branch 8.2
Crepeman Cafe Desserts Mango Nabana P100 Multi-branch 8
Descanzo Bar & Resto Filipino American Meat Medley Pizza / Ginataang Kuhol P200 Pasig 8.2
Dulcelin Gourmet Desserts Angus Steak / Mango Torte P250 Multi-branch 8.4
Eddie’s Kitchen American / Italian Ribs / Pasta / Pizza P300 Antipolo 8
Galaxy Freeze Desserts Nitrogen-frozen Ice Cream P150 Antipolo 7.6
Good Burgers American Veggie Bacon Mozza Melt P150 Multi-branch 7.8
Good Fellas Steaks & Burgers American Santino’s Steak P400 Quezon City 8
Goreng Goreng Indonesian / Malaysian Nasi Goreng & Mee Goreng P150 Marikina 8.8
H.I.D Burgers American Premium Bacon Mushroom Melt P200 Multi-branch 7.8
Hi Rice Grill Mongolian Buffet P300 Pasig 8.4
Izakaya Nihonbashi Tei Japanese Assorted Japanese Food P300 Multi-branch 9
Kalborger’s Burger Stall Duper Burger P80 Multi-branch 7.6
Karnevore American Tommy Chops P250 Marikina 8.4
Kebab Brothers Middle Eastern Shawarma Rice / Kebab Beef Steak P200 Marikina 7.8
Kanzhu Hand-Pulled Noodles Chinese Fried Noodles / Dry Noodles P200 Multi-branch 7.8
La Stanza Mongolian Buffet P200 Marikina 8.4
Liempo Boholano Filipino Liempo P200 Marikina / Take-out Only 7.8
Little Owl Assorted Shakshuka / Thick Cut Bacon P300 Quezon City 8.4
Mad Mustard European Assorted German Franks P200 Marikina 8
Magic Wok Rice Bowls Asian Assorted Rice Bowls P100 Multi-branch 7.6
Maki Sushi Express Japanese Assorted Sushi P150 Multi-branch / Delivery Only 8.7
Mama Chit’s Coffee House American Cheeseburger / Pepper Steak Sandwich P200 Marikina 8
Manila Wings American Bacon Mushroom Melt Burger / Salpilog P200 Multi-branch 8
Mariq Cafe and Restaurant Filipino Everlasting / Halo Halo Cake P200 Marikina 8.6
Masuki Mami Cantonese Original Mami P150 Multi-branch 8.6
Megawatt Texan-Mexican Assorted Burgers and Burrito P250 Quezon City 8.6
Mogu Tree Noodle House Chinese Make Your Own Noodles P150 Marikina 8.6
PIPA House Italian Fried Pizza P100 Marikina 8.4
Rub Ribs American Raki’s BBQ Ribs P200 Multi-branch 8.4
Rustic Mornings American Pork Tocino Meal P200 Marikina 8.8
Ryoma Takoyaki Station Japanese Takoyaki P50 Pasig 8.3
Ryu Ramen & Curry Japanese Ryu Ramen Curry / Katsu Curry P350 Multi-branch 8.4
S&R New York Style Pizza American Garlic Shrimp Pizza / Fried Chicken P200 Multi-branch 8.4
Seifuku Japanese Restaurant Japanese Assorted Japanese Food P250 Marikina 8.6
Shizen Ramen Japanese The Beast Ramen P200 Marikina 8.0
Singlish Cafe Singaporean Mee Goreng / Braised Pork Belly P200 Marikina 7.8
Snack Shack American Half-pound Burger P150 Multi-branch 8.4
Super Duck Modern Tea Taiwanese Rose Flower Tea P150 Quezon City 8.4
Sweet Ecstasy American Assorted Burgers / Shakes P200 Multi-branch 7.4
Tamagoya! Noodle House Japanese Stamina Ramen / Kara Buta Don P200 Antipolo 8.6
Tom N Toms Coffee Korean Assorted Pastries and Drinks P200 Quezon City 8.0
Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub Middle Eastern Beef Kebab P200 Multi-branch 8
Vikings: A Feast from the Sea! Assorted Buffet P750-1000 Multi-branch 9
Vittorio’s Steakhouse American Italian 1.4kg Tomahawk Steak P300 Quezon City 8.8
Yang Chow! Chinese Assorted Chinese Food P250 Multi-branch 8.4
Yellow Lantern Cafe American / Filipino / Italian Ribs / Pasta / Pizza P400 Multi-branch 8.2
YumBoss Putok Batok Filipino Unli-ulam P150 Antipolo 8.4
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